Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle 1.7kg
Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle 1.7kg; To see the full range of Ford Farm Cheese Truckles, click here!
Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle 1.7kg
Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle 1.7kg; To see the full range of Ford Farm Cheese Truckles, click here!
Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle 1.7kg
Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle 1.7kg; Also available as a cutting Cheese; click here!

Ford Farm Wooky Hole Cheddar Truckle 1.7kg


Aged in Wookey Holes famous Cheddar Caves, which have constant temperature and high humidity. This makes for ideal storage conditions and allows the cheese to develop an earthy characteristic and distinctive nutty flavour that is associated with Cave Aged cheeses. These Ford Farm cloth bound Truckles from The Cheese and Wine Shop make great gifts, and they are available all year! New Packaging this year, so slightly differebt to image

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More about Ford Farm Cheddar Truckle ...

Product Origin; Ashley Chase, Dorset

Packaging; Cloth wrapped truckle

Care Details; Dimensions Guide;

Best Before; Minimum 6 Weeks

Drink with; Our local Cider, our local Ales, Port, Bordeaux Reds

Cheddar is synonymous with the West Country - where it was originally made in the fifteenth century - and is the world's favourite cheese. Carefully matured under controlled conditions for between nine and twelve months, this Mature Cheddar has a wonderful flinty texture and a distinctly savoury flavour with a refreshing sharpness. An unusual but rewarding accompaniment for this cheese is Guinness. A popular and equally enjoyable companion is a Cheese and Wine Shop Merlot.

How to Cut your Cheddar Truckle ...

The best way to cut is by using a cheese wire, or if you don`t have one of these to hand, dental floss is an easily obtainable alternative.

Step 1 Inspect your Truckle. If there are any Mould spots, using a clean Paper towel or similar, give the Cheese a good wipe to remove these. Recommend doing this over a tray, and it can collect any scrubbed off material. Discard this, and ensure your area is clean. If in doubt, spray with a food safe anti-bacterial disinfectant before proceeding to Step 2.

Entertaining (Using the Whole Cheese at once) Remove the cloth and cut the Truckle in half; if you want a neat cut, follow the procedure below for scribing and cutting.

Using The Truckle on more than one session; Lay the Truckle down on a clean surface.

Step 2 With a sharp knife; score around the cheese first, around 2.5cm from the top.

Neat Cut ... If you want a neat cut, use a ruler to make "guide marks" every 3 cm around the Truckles diameter. Using a sharp knife, and cutting to a depth of 3 mm, proceed to "scribe/cut" your truckles cloth, joing up the Guide Marks with a neat scribed cut; remember, you just need to cut the Cheese Coth wrap.

Step 3 Using the Cheese wire, or dental floss, place the Wire into the Cut and pull through cleanly. Remove this piece, or "The Lid" and cut around into wedges of your preferance.

Notes; If youre planning on keeping the Truckle and eating it bit by bit, keep the Truckle in its Cloth Coat for as long as possible, only removing a section as needed.

Store in a refrigerator and clingfilm cut surfaces, or apply the cap you removed earlier. If storing for any more than a couple of days, remove the cheese cloth entirely, as this can impart a musty taste to the cheese. 

Please Note; The Mould on the outside of the Cheese occurs naturally and is an integral part of this traditional cheese.

More about Ford Farm ...

As you walk across the fields and through the woods to the cheese house, admire the spectacular views of the sea and marvel at how this grass becomes cheese available in shops both in nearby villages and oceans away.  Ford Farm is by the sea in a lovely part of Dorset, steeped in history, literature and cheese-making stories.

 The Ford Farm range; buy for next day delivery from The Cheese and Wine Shop


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Simply the Best5 stars out of 55 stars out of 55 stars out of 55 stars out of 55 stars out of 5
Incomparable cheese and excellent and helpful service. What more could one ask? Perhaps that when the courier service managed to lose the cheese originally sent in the run up to Christmas, the immediate despatch of a replacement? That was no trouble at all and the replacement arrived within 24 hours. Thoroughly recommended.

Nicholas - London
Mar-1, 2017

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