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St Ives Gin and Liqueurs

St Ives Gin and Liqueurs

It started around the kitchen table back in 2017, The Thompson clan, comprising three brothers and their folks, huddled excitedly around a kitchen table late one evening. This was the same spot that recipes for their restaurant, SILCO Searoom, had been conceived and developed in the familyís restaurant that sits proudly on St Ivesí harbour front. 

But this time garnishes and fish dishes werenít on the agenda, this time had spirits in their sights.

The Thompson brothers have worked in bars and restaurants, gathering knowledge, insight and expertise. They'd educated themselves in exactly what a superior spirit should be. With that in mind, they set about creating a liquor company with quality, flavour and a sense of place at its heart. And so St Ives Liquor Co. was born. 

Gathering fresh herbs and ingredients from our restaurant kitchen, foraging aromatic flavours from Cornish coastlines, such as bladderwrack seaweed, and hunting down botanicals such as gorse from the local cliff tops, which gives our original gin that distinctive yellow hue. 

Alchemy ensued, with the old fashioned gin-making method of cold-compounding. After hundreds of test tubes, many late nights, and more taste testings than you can imagine, we discovered the perfect blend of 13 quality botanicals, and our original St Ives Gin was ready to unleash on the world. 

A Decidedly Different spirit has arrived, discover it here at The Cheese and Wine Shop

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