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Cheese; everything you want to know about it. Well almost; we`re not pretending that this is a complete guide, but it is a good starter!

Exploring the wonderful world of Cheese ... here is but a brief Cheese list, and its by no means a complete guide to Cheeses, but its a good place to start if you are buying Cheese. Here is The Cheese and Wine Shops brief look at the worlds many Cheeses, from our local Cheddars and West Country Bries, through to World class icons, such as Parmesan, Brie de Meaux, Camembert and other greats, like Gruyere and Emmental.

Want to learn a little bit about Cheese? Visit our Cheese Glossary here, and see here for our cheese cutting guide.

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Our guide serves to remind us of the diversity that Cheesemakers manage to express through their craft, as they all start with one common product, Milk and or Cream! Celebrate great Cheese here at The Cheese and Wine Shop, and enjoy!

We stock, or can get most of the Cheeses on this list; please send an email or call 01823 662899 if you can`t find it for sale on the web site. It is more than likely one we stock, but just hasn't made it across to the web site yet!

ABBEY GOLD; A strong, brine-washed, English cow’s milk cheese. Pungent and meaty.

ACORN;A fine, delicate, pure sheep’s milk cheese from Wales

ADMIRAL'S CHOICE; A cow’s milk cheese made from Cheddar and Stilton with added Port.

ALLERDALE;A rare and very well made hard English goat’s milk cheese. Sweet and nutty.

APPENZELL; A superb aged cow’s milk cheese from the Swiss Alps. Sweet and rich, with a Gruyere type texture. The Surchoix reserve Appenzell is particularly good. Use for Melted dishes.

APPLEWOOD; A cow’s milk cheese; Applewood is a Mature smoked cheddar with an edge of spicy paprika. Flavourings are used to create the smokey flavour since this cheese is not actually smoked. The paste is firm and moist; this is a popular Cheese.

ASHDOWN FORRESTER;A well made hard cow’s milk cheese, similar to cheddar – made from Organic Guernsey’s milk, in Sussex.

ASIAGO; A large Italian cow’s milk cheese. Available in various states of maturity, from firm and mild to hard and crumbly. A DOC cheese. A great Cheese for Melting

BANON; A fine ancient cheese from the Provence. The farmhouse versions are mostly of goat’s milk cheese washed in Marc de Bourgogne and wrapped in Sweet Chestnut leaves.

BATH SOFT CHEESE;Organic cheese made by hand at Park Farm, Bath.Individual Cheese with a white, mould ripened outer coating and a creamy rich buttery mellow interior. Buy Bath Soft Cheese here.

Bath Soft Cheese 250g

Bath Soft Cheese ...

BEAUFORT; An ancient alpine cow’s milk cheese. Matured for two years until rich and sweet. A huge 30 kg is cut to a functional size. An AOC cheese. Great for Melting.

BEENLEIGH BLUE; A fine crumbly English sheep’s milk blue. Sweet and delicate.

BELPAESEA mild, supple, Italian cow’s milk cheese. In the portion format it has been mixed with cream to create a spreadable "crema”.

Galbani Bel Paese Cheese 25g

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BERKSWELL;is a magnificent looking cheese with distinctive ridges and unusual markings on its thick rind.
BISHOP KENNEDY;A mild, Scottish, washrind, cow’s milk cheese, washed in local Whisky. Pungent and increasingly soft with age.

BISHOP’S GOLD;meaty, brine washed, English Buffalo milk cheese in the style of a French Livarot. Pungent, rich and quite strong

BOCCONCINI;A variety of small, fresh, salad mozzarella’s. Typically cherry size. Ideal in Salads

BOUGON BOITE; An excellent, French goat’s milk camembert, strengthening with age to become quite strong and runny.

BLEU D’AUVERGNE; A superb aged French cow’s milk blue cheese. Matured until distinctly sweet, balancing the acidity of the curd. An AOC cheese.

BLUE CASTELLO; A mild and creamy Danish cow’s milk blue cheese. Similar to Cambozola, but stronger and more firm

BLUEVINNEYAn ancient English cow’s milk blue cheese. A low fat cheese made of skimmed milk.

BONIFAZ; A well made German Brie, creamy and mild. Flavoured with Herbs and Garlic.

BOULETTE D’AVENSES; An extraordinary, conical, spiced French cow’s milk cheese. Flavoured with Parsley, pepper, tarragon and cloves and coated in paprika. Available to order; leadtime 10 days

BOURSAULT; A mild and exceptionally creamy little French cow’s milk cheese. A triple Crème cheese.

Boursault Cheese 180G x 3pc

BOURSIN; A pleasant garlic and herb, French cream cheese. Also available in a low fat variation and with Black Pepper.

BOWLAND; A mature English Lancashire, flavoured with apple, cinnamon and raisons. A cow’s milk cheese.

BRESSE BLEU;A popular range of small French cow’s milk, blue cheeses.

BRIE;A range of soft, bloom ripened, cow’s milk cheeses. On the whole quite mild. The unpasteurised, farmhouse versions strengthen with age, becoming strong and pungent. Read about Brie and Camembert here!

Somerset Brie

BRIE DE MEAUX; One of the finer large unpasteurised French bries, strengthening with age. An AOC cheese.

BRIE DE MELUN; A medium size unpasteurised French Brie, Deeper than the Meaux, ideal for stuffing and making Truffled Brie. An AOC cheese.

BRIE TRUFFE; (Truffled Brie) Brie with Perigord Truffles. Click here to learn more.

BRIE DE PAYS; is ‘The’ classic French brie. This unpasteurised cow’s milk farmhouse cheese is very popular, and many argue a better, alternative to Brie De Meaux. It has an equally good texture and appearance, but the flavour is less tart and this leads to a rounder and more accomplished taste. Brie de Pays has a full rustic flavour and classic runniness when ripe.

BRILLATSAVARIN; Anincredibly creamy, mild, French cow’s milk cheese. A triple crème, ie a cheese made from milk fortified with buckets of Crème Fraiche.

BRIQUETTE DE BREBIS;A mild, fresh, soft farmhouse sheep’s milk cheese from the Auvergne. Eaten at various stages of maturity; young and clean to mature, and speckled with fungi.

BRUDER BASIL; A well made, smoked German cow’s milk cheese. Brick shaped. Popular for fine slicing.

BUFFALO MOZZARELLA; A classic Italian mozzarella. A fist sized ball of curd with a fine, delicate rind of spun cheese binding a wet, spongelike, centre. Made from the milk of Water Buffalo. Mild and tasting of creamy milk. Kept fresh in brine.

CABOC; A mild, Scottish cow’s milk cream cheese log, coated in rolled oats. Great at anytme, but especially good for Burns Night!

CAERPHILLY; A delicate crumbly, country cheese, traditionally made in the Welsh valleys. Eaten young, before stronger flavours and softer textures develop. A cows milk cheese.

CAHILL PORTER; A mature cheddar, incorporating Guinness. A cow’s milk cheese.

CAMBOZOLA;Perhaps the most popular blue brie in Europe. A German cow’s milk cheese. Soft, creamy and mild, with a delicate blue edge. Also see MONTAGNOLO CHEESE

CAMEMBERT; A range of soft, bloom ripened, cow’s milk, cheeses. On the whole quite mild, the unpasteurised versions strengthen with age, becoming stronger than Brie. The texture of a ripe Camembert tends also to be firmer than Brie.

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CAMEMBERT BOCAGE; is a raw milk Camembert with a lovely full flavour.

CAMEMBERT CALVADOS; An extraordinary Camembert rolled in the fermented apple pulp taken from the Calvados presses in Normandy. Strong and Pungent

CAMEMBERT RUSTIQUE; An excellent unpasteurised Camembert,which ripens faster than the Artisan version. Breaded, its a popular starter.

click to see moreAlso consider our 250g Camembert Rustique.

CANTAL; A classic French mountain cheese from the Auvergne. Made and matured according to the strict AOC controls. Melted

CAPRICE DE DIEUX; A delicate, mild, French cow’s milk cheese. Bloom rind and oval in shape.

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Capice des Dieux

CAPRICORN; A pleasant little goat’s milk cheese; bloom rind in a camembert style. Ripening to strength and softness. Available in 100g and 1kg.

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CARDINAL SIN; A meaty, rich, brine washed English cow’s milk cheese. Made by Charles Martell; Pungent and fairly strong.

CARRE DE L’EST; A mild and pleasant wash rind, cow’s milk cheese from the Al sace. Milder than Munster, yet strengthening and softening with age.

CASHEL BLUE; A delicate Irish, cow’s milk blue, strengthening and softening with age.

CELTIC PROMISE; A meaty, fairly strong, cider-washed cow’s milk cheese from Wales.

CHABICHOU; An aged farmhouse French, goat’s milk cheese. Shaped like a small drum. Piquant and fairly strong.

CHABIS CENDRE; A small, French, ash covered, goat’s milk disc. Eaten young whilst fresh and piquant.

CHABLIS; A mild and delicate French cow’s milk, wash rind cheese, similar but milder than the Epoisses and Chambertin.

CHAMBERTIN; A pungent wash rind, cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy. Washed primarily in brine, then followed with Marc de Bourgogne. Becoming more pungent and softening with maturity. Also known as L’Ami de Chambertin.

CHAMOIS D’OR; A creamy, mild, French cutting, cow’s milk cheese. Sticky and nutty.

CHAOURCE; A classic, deep, bloom rind, cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy. Similar to brie in texture, but much smaller and deeper.

Lincet Chaource 250g

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CHARNWOOD; A mature oak smoked cheddar. A cow’s milk cheese.

CHAROLAIS; A mild, young, soft French goat’s milk cheese, shaped as a small drum. Eaten in various states of maturity, frequently with croute’ bleu, the blue/ green fungi

CHAUMES; A popular soft, nutty, French cow’s milk cheese. A mild wash rind cheese

CHAVROUX; A delicate, piquant, little goat’s milk French cheese. Shaped into a pyramid.

CHEDDAR; Cheddar is the generic name for a family of fully pressed, aged cow’s milk cheeses. Bound in cheese cloth and rubbed in lard to seal the cheese before ageing. Ageing varies in length between 6 and 18 months. The cheeses are made without any preservatives and will from time to time develop blue fungi, this is completely natural and is quite edible. Fine and Vintage Cheddars are a Cheese and Wine Shop speciality. Only the mild, block form cheddars can be expected to slice without crumbling.

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FORD FARM CHEDDAR; See our range of Cheddars from Ford Farm, just over the border from us on the Dorset Coast. Year round truckles of Cheddar make great gifts!

click to see moreFord Farm Port & Stilton Truckles; 200g

CHESHIRE; An ancient traditional English cheese, dating from the Norman invasion. Made on the salt flats of Cheshire and historically made without additional salt. Cloth bound to keep fungi out of the loose texture. A cow’s milk cheese.

CHEVRE BUCHE; A generic term for a French goat’s milk log. Widely used in catering with the most popular being the 1kg Soignon, and 200g Soignon, both firm enough to slice, either with a wire or a red hot knife. Melt Slice Salad

CHEVRE MAXIDOME; A fine French goat’s milk cheese from Auvergne, made in the form of a dome.

CIGALON; A jar of Rigottes, fresh young French cow’s milk cheeses in vegetable oil seasoned with herbs. Comes with small pots for retail. Salad Melt

CLOCHE; A young, French farmhouse goat’s milk cheese. Bell shaped, eaten at various stages of maturity and found frequently with Croute bleu, a blue/grey fungi.

COEUR  DE NEUFCHATEL; mild, bloom rind French cow’s milk cheese, similar to a Camembert. Heart shaped. An AOC cheese.

COMTE; A fine and ancient French mountain cow’s milk cheese. The fermier version being cut from a wheel aged for at least two years . Rich, sweet and fruity, Comte is firm and honest, and speaks unambiguously of its origins in the Jura mountains, near the Swiss frontier. An AOC cheese. Great for Melting, cooking. Click here to buy Comte!

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Comte; lovely on cheeseboards, great for cooking

COOLEENEY; A mild Irish cow’s milk Camembert. Deep and creamy. Strengthening and softening with age.

CORNISH ORGANIC BRIE;A delicate mild brie, made with organic cow’s milk.

CORNISH YARG; A delicate crumbly cow’s milk cheese, similar to Caerphilly, yet wrapped in nettle leaves. See also Wild Garlic Yarg.

CORSE BREBIS; Please see Fleur de Maquis

COTHERSTONE; A rare English Dales cheese. A moist almost soft Caerphilly type cow’s milk cheese.

COTSWOLD; Double Gloucester flavoured with Chives and Onion. A cow’s milk cheese.

COULOMMIER; A small brie; mild and nutty

COTTAGE CHEESE; Made from pasteurised skimmed milk, this mild fresh cheese is very popular with dieters thanks to its low fat and carbohydrate content, and high levels of protein. It consists of small curds suspended in a light cream. Its relatively bland, slightly acidic character means that it is often sold with added flavourings: chives, ham and pineapple are particularly popular

CREAM CHEESE; Made from a mixture of cream and milk, and eaten fresh. It has a soft, spreadable texture, and mildly acidic flavour that is often flavoured with garlic, herbs or black pepper. In Britain, cream cheese must have a fat content of 45-65%

CRÈME FRAICHE; French thick Sour Cream. Unlike the British Sour Crème the French naturally ferment their product. Maintains its structure better at high temperate than normal Sour Cream Deserts Sauces

CROWDIE; Crowdie, a soft cheese also known as 'gruth' in Gaelic is the result of traditional methods dating back to Scotland's Viking occupation. Coated in toasted pinhead oats and black pepper Gruth Dhu also known as black crowdie is a nice twist on the traditional product. Caboc from Ross-shire in the western Highlands is made from cows' milk, rolled into small logs and covered on a bed of toasted oats.

CROTTIN DE CHAVIGNOL; A popular little aged goat’s milk cheese, widely used in grilled goat cheese dishes. Cut with a wire or a red hot knife. Salads

CROZIER BLUE; A delicate sweet Irish sheep’s milk blue.

CUMBERLAND; A superb hard English cow’s milk cheese, with a rich and complex flavour.

CURD CHEESE; Curd Cheese is similar to cream cheese but with a lower fat content and it, like cottage cheese, has had a lactic starter added. This gives it a light acidity and a light flavour, colour and texture. It is sometimes called medium-fat soft cheese. Its most popular for for cheesecakes and dips because it gives them a lighter flavour and texture. Cow’s milk examples include Philadelphia, Quark, and Cream cheese. Goat’s milk examples include Wealdway, Rosary and 1kg Chevre.

CURWORTHY; A fine English hard cow’s milk cheese, aged until rich and sweet. Wax coated.

CURWORTHY BLACK WAX 400GBuy Curworthy at The Cheese and Wine Shop!

DANBO; A range of young, mild, Danish cow’s milk cheeses. Similar to Gouda, it can be finely sliced for Smorgasbords. A Danbo with Carraway seeds is also available. Slicing

DANISH BLUE;A popular, strong Danish cow’s milk blue cheese. Blue sauces. Click here to buy.

DELICE DE BOURGOGNE; An exceptionally creamy, mild, French cutting cheese. A triple crème, ie a cheese made from cow’s milk fortified with buckets of Crème Fraiche.

Delice de Bourgogne

DEVON BLUE; A fine English Cow’s milk cheese, crumbly and not particularly blue. It is distinctly sweet, which balances the acidity of the blue.

DOLCELATTE; A soft creamy Italian cow’s milk blue cheese. Properly called Gorgonzola Dolcelatte, meaning a "sweet milk” Gorgonzola. Sometimes known as Gorgonzola Dolce, it’s renowned for its soft, creamy flavour.

DOUBLE GLOUCESTER; A fine English classic, introduced by Benedictine monks shortly after the Roman Invasion of Britain. Coloured nowadays with Annatto, a natural dye from the seed of a South American tree. A cow’s milk cheese.

DUDDLESWELL; A well made hard English cow’s milk cheese; nutty and smooth.

DUNBARRA PEPPER; A delightful Irish cow’s milk brie type cheese, with a Celtic pattern of black peppercorns embedded on the top.

DORSTONE; Dorstone is a fresh goat’s cheese made by Charlie Westhead and his team at Neal’s Yard Creamery in Dorstone, Herefordshire. Made to a traditional French recipe, it is a particular favourite with its delectable, mousse-like texture, with refreshing citurss acidity with gentle, mild yeasty and herby notes.

DUNSYRE BLUE; A mild, Scottish cow’s milk blue cheese, strengthening with age.

DURRUS; A fine, mild, pungent, wash rind, Irish cow’s milk cheese, not unlike a Tomme de Savoie. Mild and nutty

EDAM; A generic name for a family of Dutch, cow’s milk cheeses, closely related to the Gouda’s. In their young form, supple, mild and easy. As they mature their qualities appear, becoming piquant, crumbly and sweet. Available smoked or with a number of flavourings. The very mature Edam has been renamed as Old Amsterdam. Slicing Melting

EDEL DE CLERON; A delicate wash rind cow’s milk cheese, bound and presented similar to Vacherin. Nutty, sticky and sweet. Also similar to the Ecosse de Sapin.

ELGAR MATURE; A fine English mature cow’s milk cheese from the Malverns hills.

ELMHIRST; A delicious, creamy and fairly soft, unpasteurised, bloom rind cow’s milk cheese from Devon. Rare and difficult to obtain.

EMMENTAL; A generic term for a family of huge, ancient, cow’s milk cheeses. Mostly Swiss, but also German and French. Holed from the gases produced during the fermentation of the curd. Mild in its standard form, but increasingly superb, sweet and nutty in its Cave and Reserve form. Slicing Melting

ENGLISH PYRAMID; A delicate, mild goat’s milk pyramid cheese, rolled in charcoal in the style of the French Goat cheeses.

EPOISSES DE BOURGOGNE; An exceptional French wash rind cow’s milk cheese. Washed in brine followed by Marc de Bourgogne. Ripening to increased softness and pungency. An AOC cheese of distinction. A well-aged Epoisses can clear a county. As with munster, however, the taste is more subtle and creamy than the nostrils are suggesting. Good job I hear you say! This is a Burgundy cheese, washed during ripening with high-proof Marc de Bourgogne spirit. "The king of cheeses,” said the French gastronome Brillat-Savarin. (But he also said: "A meal without cheese is like a beautiful woman who’s missing an eye.”)

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ESROM; A soft, supple Danish cow’s milk cheese. Mild and pleasant. Melts superbly. Melting. Available as a whole Cheese. Preorder only. Esrom is thought of as a Danish Chaumes, Chaumes would be the closest; click here to buy Chaumes.

ETORKI; A firm, sweet and pleasant French sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees.

EXPLORATEUR; An exceptionally creamy, soft French cutting cheese. A triple crème, ie a cheese made with cow’s milk fortified with buckets of Crème Fraiche.

FETA; A range of young cheeses pickled in brine. Originating in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is classically made out of pure sweet sheep’s milk, but can be found mixed with goat’s milk or made of cow’s milk. Salad

FIVE COUNTIES; A cheese made up of layers of Cheddar, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Stilton and Cheshire. A cow’s milk cheese.

FLEUR DE MAQUIS; An extraordinary cheese from the mountains of Corsica. A mild, sheep’s milk cheese rolled in Rosemary and Juniper berries.

FLOWER MARIE; A delicate, bloom rind, English sheep’s milk cheese, softening with age

FONDUE MIX; A fondue mixture of Emmental and Gruyere. Prepared in a sealed packet for immediate preparation. Melting

FONTINA; A mild, Italian cow’s milk cheese, delicate with a nutty leathery rind. Melts superbly. Melting

FOUGERUS; A small brie, strengthening with age. Traditionally wrapped in fern, but now retains a token fern leaf. Breaded

FOURME D’AMBERT; A mild and delicate French cow’s milk cheese. Portions better than most other French Blue Cheeses. An AOC cheese

FROMAGE FRAIS; A young, unpressed cheese. Mostly cow’s milk. Usually ~ 30% fat in dry matter, compared to Quark or Fromage blanc which are ~ 4% or less. Mild, slightly piquant, softer than a cream cheese. Desserts

GALLIC STONE; A mild, Scottish, cow’s milk cream cheese log, with a hint of garlic and coated in crushed hazelnuts.

GIROLLE; The knife / apparatus for producing florettes of Tete de Moine. Also widely used to create decorative wafer curls of chocolate.

GJETOST; An extraordinary sweet, toffee-like whey "cheese” from Norway. Traditionally made with goat’s milk, and known as Ekte Gjetost, click here to buy. but also made with cow’s milk. Enjoy Melted on Toast. Learn more about Gjetost here.

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GOLDEN CROSS; A Mature goat’s milk log, from Sussex. Piquant and nutty. Rolled in charcoal in the style of the French cheesemakers of the Touraine.

Golden Cross Goats Cheese 220g+Golden Cross Goats Log

GORGONZOLA; Italy's famous Gorgonzola is made in two styles; Gorgonzola Dolce is sweet and creamy while the'mountain' variety offers some bite buried in dense, milky paste.

Mountain Gorgonzola 1.5kg Whole CheeseMountain Gorgonzola, the Lombardian cheesemakers use a two-step process in which pasteurized curds from morning and evening milkings are layered into each wheel. Blue veins develop over several months of ripening, producing a firmer, more sliceable wheel than its gooey cremi-cousin. Mountain Gorgonzola embodies the spicy, earthy flavors of valley pastures, lending itself to almost any application; baking, sauce making or serving straight-up with some Moscato d'Asti.

GOUDA; A generic name for a family of Dutch, cow’s milk cheeses. Mild, supple and easy when young, they improve remarkably with age, becoming quite superb in their 3yr old condition. Darkening, becoming crumbly, sweet and nutty. Slicing Melting

GOURMELIN; A popular soft French cutting cow’s milk cheese, sweet and sticky.

GRAND MUROLS; A mild, nutty, wash rind, French cow’s milk cheese. Made in a Trappist style in the Auvergne.

GRATTE PAILLE; A superb, ultra-creamy French triple Crème. A cow’s milk cheese made with milk fortified with buckets of crème fraiche. Made in the Ile de France and named "broken hay” after the debris left behind the hay carts that passed through the narrow lanes.

GRES DE VOSNES; Gres de Vosges is somewhat like a Camembert or Munster and graced with a decorative fern leaf, the Gres de Vosges is oozy but not runny or offensively stinky. The mellow saltiness melts across the tongue and lacks the bitter aftertaste of so many strong melling cheeses.

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GREVE; A large, Swedish, cow’s milk cheese. Made in the style of a young Gruyere, mild and fruity, it is a good melting and slicing cheese. Melting Slicing

GRUYERE; A generic term for a range of mountain cheeses based around the Savoie. The French adopted the name Comte for their cheese. Mild and fruity in its young standard form, ageing to become immeasurably better in its Reserve state of maturity. Melting Slicing

GUBBEEN; A firm, Irish, wash rind, cow’s milk cheese. Mild and nutty. Also available smoked.

HALLOUMI; An unusual sheep/goat's milk cheese from the Eastern Mediterranean. A firm, mild cheese with added mint. Contracts on cooking without melting making it ideal in barbeque or grilled dishes. BBQ Grill

HARBOURNE BLUE; A rare and unique goat’s milk blue cheese. A delicious balance of sweet and sharp. Seasonal and difficult to obtain.

HARLECH; A mature, Welsh cheddar flavoured with horseradish and parsley. Made with cow’s milk.

HAVARTI; A firm, pleasant, Danish cow’s milk cheese. Mild with very small, evenly spread holes. Block shaped, it can be finely sliced for Smorgasbords. Slice Melting

HEREFORD HOP; A mature English, Gloucester type, cow’s milk cheese coated in lightly toasted hops.

HEREFORD RED; A mild nutty English cow’s milk cheese coloured a deep red with Annatto, a dye extracted from the seed of a South America plant.

HERRGARD; A large, Swedish cow’s milk cheese. Mild and firm; a good melting cheese. Slicing Melting

HUNTSMAN; Double Gloucester sandwiching a layer of Stilton. A cow’s milk cheese.

INNKEEPERS CHOICE; A mature cheddar flavoured with Pickled Onions and Chives. A cow’s milk cheese.

INVERLOCH; A delicate, hard, Scottish goats’ milk cheese. Sealed in red wax

ISLE OF AVALON; A soft creamy wash rind, cow’s milk cheese, Nutty flavour.

ISLE OF MULL; A superb Scottish Cheddar. Unpasteurised, mature and full flavoured.

JARLSBERG; A mild, pleasant and popular Norwegian cow’s milk cheese. Made in the style of Emmental, with large holes in a supple curd. Slicing Melting

JERSEY BLUE; Also known as Exmoor Blue. A fine cow’s milk blue, maturing to strength. Soft and creamy.

LANARK BLUE; An unusual Scottish sheep’s milk blue, strengthening with age and becoming quite strong.

LANCASHIRE; A superb English Classic, crumbly and moist. Eaten at various ages, the cheese strengthens with maturity. A cow’s milk cheese.

LANCASTER; Delicate moist organic Lancashire. Perhaps the finest organic cow’s milk cheese in the UK.

LANGRES EN PLATEAUX; A delicious mild, French, wash rind, cow’s milk cheese. Never turned during the drainage and as a result develops a dip in the center. Many chefs pour brandy or marc into the dip prior to serving. An AOC cheese.

LEYDEN; A large Dutch cow’s milk cheese; firm and medium mature. Flavoured with Cumin seeds. Also known as Leiden, Gouda with Cumin and Komijnekaas. Slicing.

LIMBURGER; A wash rind German, cow’s milk cheese. Small and pungent. Mild when young, increasing in pungency as it ages.

LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER; A well made English cow’s milk cheese. When young it is similar to cheddar, but in Vintage form is distinctly sweet and nutty.

LIVAROT; A meaty and pungent wash rind, cow’s milk, cheese from Normandy, strengthening with age. The farmhouse versions are bound in the ancient fashion with reeds and are much stronger. An AOC cheese.

LORD OF THE HUNDREDS; A superb aged sheep’s milk cheese from Sussex. Sweet and nutty.

MAASDAM; A mild soft Dutch cow’s milk cheese. Made with large holes, in the style of Emmental or Jarlsberg, but softer. Slicing Melting

MAHON; A remarkable Spanish, mature cow’s milk cheese. Drained within a cheese cloth set into a square mould, which gives the cheese its characteristic rounded shape. Hard but not particularly strong. A DO cheese.

MAJORERO; A hard Spanish goat’s milk cheese. Crumbly, sweet and nutty.

MANCHEGO; A generic name for a family of ancient, hard Spanish, DO, sheep’s milk cheeses. Sometimes made using mixed milks. Mild and delicate when young, Manchego improves with age, becoming sweet and crumbly.

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MAROILLES; A pungent, wash rind, cow’s milk cheese from Picardie. Similar to a Munster, but more meaty and firm. An AOC cheese

MASCARPONE; A thick Italian cow’s milk sour cream. Sweet and firm. Deserts Sauces

MELDON; A pleasant hard English cow’s milk cheese, flavoured with ale and mustard seeds. Coated in Wax

MEXICANA; A mature cheddar with added chillis. A cow’s milk cheese.

MILLEENS; A brine washed Irish cow’s milk cheese, similar to the Pont l’Eveque. Pungent and nutty.

MIMOLETTE; An extraordinary bright red, French cow’s milk cheese. Eaten aged, when the rind is quite corroded with cheese mite, yet is still fairly mild.

MONT CATS; A mild and pleasant Trappist cow’s milk, cutting cheese. Brine washed to create a nutty rind.

MONTAGNOLO CHEESE; Also known as Montagnolo Affine, this is a triple crème soft cheese that is surface ripened and is marbled with blue veins, with a grey natural crust. It combines the texture and rich tastes of a triple-crème brie, with the distinct and lightly biting flavour of a blue cheese. Montagnolo won the Supreme Champion award at the 2013 International Cheese Awards, also taking second prize as well, beating more than 3900 other cheeses in the process.

MONTENEBRO; A superb Spanish, mature, goat’s milk log. A strong, firm but creamy cheese. Rolled in charcoal to create a rind. Strengthens with age.

MONTERAY JACK; A classic American cow’s milk cheese. Also made in the UK. Similar to a cheddar. Slicing

MORBIER; A popular cow’s milk cheese from the Franche Comte. Made with the curd from two milking sessions, separated with a layer of edible ash. A fine melting cheese, in the style of Raclette. Melting

MOZZARELLA; A cheese with two distinct branches. Firstly the classic Italian salad cheese; a fresh, moist, delicate, buffalo or cow’s milk cheese. Secondly the melting mozzarella ; a more firm, more elastic product designed to melt and give a molten "string” effect. Salads Melting

MRS BELL’S BLUE; A soft, creamy and sweet sheep’s milk blue from Yorkshire.

MYCELLA; A well made Danish cow’s milk, blue cheese; some say its a Danish version of Gorgonzola, 'Mycella' is a traditional, creamy cheese made of cow's milk. It is moist and creamy, a little salty but not bitter and belongs to blue cheese family. It comes with a blue-green mould and mild aromatic taste. The blue veins in the cheese provide it an attractive look. We don't sell Mycella, but do sell Danish Blue Cheese here, and Gorgonzola here.

MUNSTER; A pungent and soft, ripening, French cow’s milk cheese, from the A lsace. Munster is a strong smelling Cheese; open the box to put some Munster on your spuds and they’ll know about it in the next valley. Strangely, the taste is less overpowering than the smell, though it’s still not for the prissy palate. Alsace has had a strong history. This is the cheese that goes with it. Typically served with cumin. An AOC cheese. Click here to buy Munster Cheese

NEUFCHATEL; popular at any time, but especially so at Valantines, and for birthday gifts because of its heart shape. Creamy with luxurious taste, and is similar to that of Camembert. Unlike other soft, white rinded cheeses, Neufchâtel has a grainy texture.

OLD AMSTERDAM; A superb extra mature Edam. A hard, sweet Dutch cow’s milk cheese, comparable to the vintage Goudas.

ORKNEY’S; A range of small, well-made, mature Scottish Cheddars. Made of cow’s milk.

OSSAU IRATY; One of the most ancient cheeses of Europe. A firm, sweet and nutty unpasteurised, French sheep’s milk cheese, from the Valley d’Ossau in the high Pyrenees. Also known as Iraty Brebis, and similar to Bellocq and Pyrenees Pardou Brebis.

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OXFORD BLUE; A mild creamy English cow’s milk cheese. Ageing to strength.

PANEER; The classic cow’s milk cheese of the Indian subcontinent, made in the UK

PANTYSGAWN; A delicate young Welsh, goats’ milk cheese, eaten whilst mild and fresh.

PARMESAN; A generic term for the huge, mature, hard and crumbly Italian cow’s milk cheese. Read more about Parmesan Regiano in detail here. In summary, there are two main types;

PARMIGIANO REGGIANO; the true parmesan, two years old, made in DOC conditions, within Parma.

GRANO PADANO; also DOC, marginally softer than Parmigiano Reggiano, its also a younger cheese at 16 months. Both cheeses are quite superb. All cooking, Salads and as a table cheese. Use for Melting, Shaving, Grating.

PARMESAN TWINEHAM GRANGE; A well made English Grana Padano, made in the UK but taken for maturing in Italy. Unlike the Italian Parmesan the English cheese is made using Vegetarian Rennet. Made with cow’s milk. Ideal with Salad Melting Shaving Grating

PAVE D’AFFINOIS; A delicate, small, mild, French cow’s milk cheese. Cube shaped, softening as it matures.

PAVE D’AUGE; A meaty, wash rind cow’s milk cheese from Normandy. Square like a Pont L’Eveque, but twice the height.

PECORINO; A generic term for Italian sheep’s milk cheeses. Largely made in the south and in Sardinia. Traditionally hard and mature however also eaten young. Salad, Shaving, Pesto.

Pecorino DolceBuy Pecorino Dolcehere!

PECORINO FIORE; A superb, hard, crumbly, mature Pecorino. Made in the mountains of Sardinia. Sealed by scalding, smoking and rubbing in Olive Oil. A DOC cheese Salad Shaving Pesto

PECORINO REGATO; A popular, mild, Pecorino. Not strictly a Pecorino, as the regato is made using cow’s milk. Formed into a disc with concentric rings. Tastes like a young parmesan. Salad Shaving Pesto

PECORINO ROMANO; A popular hard mature Pecorino. A large, white and fairly salty Pecorino, also found with black peppercorns. A DOC cheese. Salad Shaving Pesto

PECORINO ROSSO; The rind is coloured using the pulp of tomatoes, and the cheese is matured for two to three months, to produce a firm texture, and a mellow, creamy flavour. Cheeseboard, Salad Shaving Pesto

PECORINO SARDO; A classic Italian Pecorino from Sardinia. A hard, mature, sheep’s milk cheese, sealed by scalding and rubbing in olive oil to create a hard rind. Sweet and nutty. Ideal for using on salads and Pesto

PENDLE FOREST; A smoked, mature Lancashire, the classic English territorial cheese. Made with cow’s milk.

PERAIL DE BREBIS; A small, delicate, soft ripening sheep’s milk cheese, shaped into a flat disc. Will ripen to a very runny state.

PERIGOUX; A small creamy, soft French cutting cheese. Formed as a ring to ease portioning. Nutty and mild. Made with cow’s milk.

Perigoux Cheese

PETIT BRETON; A mild, nutty, wash rind French cow’s milk cheese.

PIEVE VECCHIO; Often likened to the king of Italian cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano. Piave is deliciously nutty, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Veneto in northern Italy. With a concentrated sweet, crystalline paste and full flavour, think tropical fruits, and slight almond bitterness, its a lovely complex cheese. Typically aged for twelve months, Piave is wonderful as a table cheese, shaved over a salad of bitter greens, or enjoyed with an aperitif. Like Parmigiano, Piave partners both red and white wine. Many people like it paired with an ale.

PICOS BLUE; A remarkable mature Spanish Blue cheese. Made of cow and goat’s milk mixed and bound in Sycamore leaves. Strong, sweet and crumbly. A DO cheese. Also known as Queso de los Picos de Cabrales or Valdeon Blue Picos de Europa.

PIED D’ ANGLOYS; A mild and pleasant, nutty little French cow’s milk cheese.

PIERRE ROBERT; A delightful and incredibly creamy, bloom rind, cow’s milk French cheese. Ripening to increasing strength and softness.

PIERRE ROBERT CHEESE 500GBuying Pierre Robert; click here

PONT L’EVEQUE; A popular French cow’s milk cheese from Normandy. Rind washed in brine to create a mildly pungent cheese with a rich and firm curd. A square, tile shaped cheese, strengthening with age

PORT SALUT; A mild and pleasant, Trappist style, French cow’s milk cheese. A popular cheese with a delicate supple curd. Melting

POULIGNY ST. PIERRE; A fine young, French goat’s milk cheese from the Touraine. White, but frequently eaten mature with Croute Bleu – the bleu/grey fungi. An AOC cheese, shaped in a tall white pyramid. Delicate piquant flavour

PRAST; A large, Swedish cow’s milk cheese. Mild and firm; a good melting cheese. Slicing Melting

PROVOLONE; A classic Italian hard cow’s milk cheese. Eaten at various levels of maturity, the mature "Piccante” being the hardest and strongest. Melting

PYRAMID VALENCAY; A young, ash covered, French goat’s milk cheese, shaped as a blunt pyramid. Eaten when still maturing and the rind has softened and has developed a light bloom. A delicate piquant flavour.

PYRENEES; A range of large, mild, French cow’s milk cheeses from the Pyrenees. Wax coated. Also available with Green Peppercorns.

PYRENEES PARDOU BREBIS; An ancient, French sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees. Similar to the Ossau Iraty Brebis, a firm, sweet cheese inside a hard rind.

PYRENEES PARDOU CHEVRE; A delicate, sweet goat’s milk cheese from the high Pyrenees. A firm cheese with a hard rind. Eaten at 2 months, whilst still mild.

QUARK; A low fat, German Fromage Frais, ie a young, partially strained, cow’s milk cheese. Popular for classic cheese-cakes. Similar to Fromage Blanc. Sauces Desserts

RACLETTE; A cheese which has become synonymous with its principle dish – that of hot molten raclette scooped onto steak, potatoes or vegetables. Made in the hills of the Savoie. The softer, smellier version being French, the harder, Gruyere type being Swiss. Melting

RAMBOL WALNUT; An extraordinary soft French cutting cheese. Layers of cream cheese sandwiching layers of crumbed walnut and cheese. The 1kg product is decorated with halves of walnut.

Rambol Walnut Cheese 125gIndividual Rambol Walnut. Click here to buy Rambol.

REBLOCHON;A classic French cow’s milk cheese from the Savoie. Delicate and sweet within soft, leathery and nutty rind. Softening and strengthening with age. The artisan cheese being matured by the affineurs of the Savoie. Melting.

RED LEICESTER; A classic English Territorial, aged until sweet and nutty. Coloured with Annatto, a natural dye made from the seed of a South American tree. A cow’s milk cheese. Melting Slicing. For a treat, try our Aged Red Leicester here!

RIBBLESDALE – GOAT; A very pleasant, sweet delicate goat’s milk cheese sealed in wax. Also available smoked.

RIBBLESDALE –EWE; A pleasant sweet and delicate English sheep’s milk cheese. Sealed in wax.

RICOTTA; A fresh, mild, and soft Italian cow’s milk "cheese”. Made from Whey, a bi-product of the cheesemaking process. Pasta filling Dessert.

RIGOTTES; A small, young French cow’s milk cheese. Pickled or preserved in oil to retain its fresh sharp flavour. See Cigalon. Salad.

ROCHE BARON; A mild creamy French cow’s milk blue cheese, made in the Auvergne. Also known as Montbriac.

ROQUEFORT; A range of exceptional French sheep’s milk blue cheeses. Made and matured under strict AOC standards. Sweet, succulent, acidic and gritty.

ROSARY LOG; A young soft goat’s milk cheese log. Very soft with a clean, fresh piquant flavour. Pasta filling Salad.

ROUBILLIAC; A range of soft young goat’s milk cheese logs. Available plain or with various coatings, for example black pepper, herb or sweet pepper.

ROULE HERB; A French, cow’s milk cream cheese rolled with fresh herbs and garlic.

ROUY; A pleasant little wash rind, French cow’s milk cheese. Nutty and mild.

SAGE DERBY; A popular English territorial; a cheese similar to cheddar but flavored with essence of Sage and mottled with green veins. A cow’s milk cheese.

SAINT GEORGE; A deep goat’s milk camembert. Ripening to strength and softness.

SAVAL; A meaty, fairly strong, cider-washed cow’s milk cheese from Wales.

SBRINZ; A hard, sweet, Swiss mountain cow’s milk cheese, similar to an Emmental, but much harder. Sbrinz can be shaved to produce wafers like Parma ham. Great in Salads

SELLES SUR CHER; A young, ash covered, French goat’s milk cheese. Shaped as a inch high disc. Eaten young, whilst fresh and piquant, however is excellent old and strong. Similar to a Chabis Cendre.

SEVERN SISTERS; A low fat, hard, British cow’s milk cheese. Sealed in green wax.

SHARPHAM BRIE; Perhaps the best brie made in the UK, unpasteurized and full flavored.

SHROPSHIRE BLUE; A classic English Territorial. A cow's milk blue cheese.Sweetening and softening with age. Dyed an orangey red with Annatto.

SOFT CHEESES; Soft,creamy or runny cheeses have much smoother texture than medium cheeses. Brieand Camembert are just the beginning. There are some truly funky and powerfulsoft cheeses out there like, Epoisses, Pont L'Eveque or Vacherin Montd'Or or decadently rich cheeses like Chaource and Saint Marcellin also then therecognizable triple creams such as Pierre-Robert, Brillat-Savarin and Explorateur.

SKIRRID; A superb delicate, Welsh sheep's milk cheese, finished with a wash in Mead.

SOMERSET BRIE; A mild and pleasant English, cow's milk brie.

SPENWOOD; A superbly made hard English sheep’s milk cheese. Sweet and nutty.

STAWLEY; Our local hero! Superb Goat Cheese.

ST AGUR; A delicious French cow’s milk blue. Sweet and creamy.

ST ALBRAY; A popular French cutting cow’s milk cheese. Ring shaped for ease of portioning. Rind washed to create a nutty rind on a creamy mild core.

Saint Albray 500g Individual

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ST ANDRE; A wonderfully creamy French cow’s milk, cutting cheese from the Ile de France. A triple crème. Firmer than the Explorateur and softer than the Vignotte.

ST ANDREW’S; A Scottish wash rind cow’s milk cheese. Firm and not too strong. Brine washed.

ST DAVIDS; A firm, Welsh, wash rind cow’s milk cheese. Mildly pungent and meaty.

ST JULIENA soft spreadable processed cheese, packed with Nuts, including Walnuts, Hazelnuts and Almonds. Like Rambol Walnut, but with added nuts!

ST ILLTYD; A mature Welsh Cheddar, flavoured with white wine and herbs. Made with cow’s milk.

ST KILLIAN; A delightful hexagonal Irish, cow’s milk Camembert. Soft and creamy.

ST MARCELIN; A superb little wash rind French cow’s milk cheese. Eaten when fairly mature, covered in Croute Bleu – the light grey/blue fungi and runny. Sweet and delicate.

ST MAURE DE TOURAINE; A classic French, ash covered, goat’s milk log. The farmhouse, AOC product also has a straw running through the center. Eaten as the rind matures to a soft sweet state, whilst the curd retains it's delicate piquant flavour. Also available white. See here for our English equiverlant!

ST NECTAIRE; A fine mountain, French cow’s milk cheese from the Auvergne. A delicate sweet curd in a nutty, leathery rind. An AOC cheese.

ST PAULIN; A mild and pleasant Trappist style cheese. Marginally softer than Port Salut.

STILTON; Traditional Stiltons are made in two sizes, the 8kg and the 2.5kg Baby. Aged for 3 months until the blue is finely laced throughout ivory curd. The flavour will sweeten and the texture softens to become smooth and creamy. A cow’s milk cheese of distinction, and a Christmas essential. Here at the Cheese and Wine Shop choose finest Blue Stilton from Long Clawson, Cropwell Bishop and Colston Basset.

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STINKING BISHOP; A superb soft English, cow’s milk cheese from Gloucestershire, washed in Perry. Pungent and unctuous, yet mild in flavour. Read more about Stinking Bishop here.

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SUSSEX SCRUMPY; A hard, full fat, mature English cow’s milk cheese, flavoured with herbs.

SUSSEX SQUIRE; A rustic and delicate, English, goat’s milk cheese. Sweet and nutty. Seasonal and difficult to obtain.

SUSSEX YEOMAN; A mature, English goats’ milk cheese. Seasonal and difficult to obtain.

SWALEDALE – EWE; A well made hard sheep’s milk cheese. Delicate , sweet and nutty.

SWALEDALE – GOAT; A delicate English goat’s milk cheese, sweet and nutty. Seasonal and difficult to obtain.

SWALEDALE COW; fine matured cow’s milk cheese, nutty and sweet.

TALEGGIO; A mild, soft, sticky, Italian cow’s milk cheese. Formed into a square, 2 inches high. With a pungent, brine washed and nutty rind. A DOC cheese Perfect for Melting. Buy Taleggio for next day delivery!

TAURUS; A mild, wash rind English cow’s milk cheese. Soft and sticky.

TETE DE MOINE; A wonderful hard Swiss cow’s milk cheese. Made in the style of a sweet, mature gruyere, but much smaller at around 750g. Served traditionally from a Girolle, a knife suspended vertically over the cheese which draws up a curly wafer of cheese. To buy Tete de Moine click here; to buy a Cheese Curler, click here. Also great for Melting, and over Salads.

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TICKLEMORE; A rare and particularly fine English firm goat’s milk cheese.

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TILSIT; SWISS Completely different to the more mild German block Tilsit. The Swiss Tilsit is more like a smooth supple Gruyere. The red label Tilsit is the more mature. Yellow denotes the younger, milder product. Slicing and Melting

TILSIT; GERMAN A firm block cheese, popular for fine slicing, particularly for Smorgasbords. A German cow’s milk cheese. Mild with fine evenly spread holes. Slicing

TINTERN; A mature Welsh Cheddar, flavored with Chives and Shallots. Made with cow’s milk.

TOMME D’ABONDANCE; An ancient Alpine cheese from the Vallee d’Abondance. A firm full-fat cow’s milk cheese, made in the style of a small Beaufort, but with holes. Melting

TOMME DE CHEVRE AU MUSCADETA; delicious French, wash rind goat’s milk cheese from Poitou in the Charentes. A sweet, supple curd, washed in white Muscadet wine to develop a nutty pungent rind.

TOMME DE SAVOIE; A classic French Alpine cheese. A firm, nutty, cow’s milk cheese. In its farmhouse mature form, the rind will have become quite corroded with cheese mite.

TOMME DE VACHE PARDOUA; hard French mountain cow’s milk cheese from the Vallee d’Ossau in the Pyrenees. Delicate, sweet and nutty, with a tough hard rind.

TORNEGUS; A mild, but quite pungent English cow’s milk cheese; crumbly and firm. Washed in white wine. Made in the style of the Trappist monks.

TORTA BASILICO; An extraordinary Italian cheese. A sandwich of layers of Mascarpone, Pine Nuts, Gorgonzola and fresh Basil.

TORTA MACARPONE / DOLCELATTE; A delicious Italian, cow’s milk cheese. A sandwich of layers of Mascarpone and Dolcelatte. Soft, mild and creamy.

TOUREE; A mild and creamy French cutting cow’s milk cheese. Strengthening and softening with age.

TRUCKLES; From Cheddar and Stilton, to Wensleydale andeverything in between, click here to learn more.

TRUFFLE CHEESE; French Brie with Truffles; Click here to learn more.

Brie with Truffles | Brie Truffe Whole Cheese 1.4kg

Brie Truffe; decadant and indulgant!

TWEENEY; An unusual Dutch goat’s milk Gouda, young, mild and supple. A whiter and slightly nuttier product, compared to its cow’s milk version.

WENSLEYDALE; A delicate English cow’s milk blue. Milder than Stilton, it is an ancestor of the modern Wensleydale.

VACHERIN FRIBOURGEOIS; A mature Swiss cow’s milk cheese, similar to the Appenzell or Swiss Raclette. Rich and Sweet, like most Swiss cheeses; a superb melting cheese.

VIEUX PAINE; A delicate, soft, ripening, wash rind, French cow's milk cheese. A broadtile shaped square product.

VIGNOTTE; A mild, nutty and seriously creamy Frenchtriple crème. The firmer of the triple crèmes and popular for portioning. Madewith cow's milk.

VILLAGE GREEN; A well made English goat's milk cheese, sealed in green wax.

VULSCOMBE; A range of small English goat’s milk cheeses. Essentially yoghurt cheeses, set without rennet. Available plain, with black pepper or with herbs. Read more about Vulscombe cheese production here.

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WATERLOO; A superb unpasteurised, ripening cow’s milk cheese, similar to a Reblochon. Mild sweet and sticky, rare and difficult to obtain.

WEALDWAY; A young, white, English goat’s milk log. Eaten young – sharp and piquant. Salad Breaded.

WEDMORE; A delicate, mild, crumbly cow’s milk cheese with a layer of chives running through the centre. Also available smoked.

WELSH RAREBIT; A mature English cheddar, designed for melting on toast. Flavoured with Worcester sauce. A cow’s milk cheese. Melting Slicing

WENSLEYDALE; An ancient English territorial cheese, dating from the Cistercian monks and brought to England by the William the Conqueror in 1066. Crumbly and mild. A cow’s milk cheese.
WENSLEYDALE – EWE; A sweeter and whiter version of the cow’s milk cheese. Eaten young, whilst delicate and crumbly. The earliest versions of English Wensleydale were all sheep’s milk.

WHIRL; An English Double Gloucester, flavoured either of onion and chives, or garlic. A cow’s milk cheese.

WHITE STILTON; Made in the same fashion as the Blue Stilton but using a white fungi. Eaten young when the flavour is sharper. Used as a base for some delicious fruit combinations. An English cow’s milk cheese.

WIGMORE; A delicious, rare, soft ripening, English sheep’s milk cheese. Seasonal and difficult to obtain.

WORCESTER GOLD;A well matured hard English cow’s milk cheese, rich and creamy.

Y FENNI; A mature, Welsh Cheddar, flavoured with ale and mustard. Made with cow’s milk.

YORKSHIRE BLUE;A delicious, soft, English cow’s milk blue cheese. Strengthening with age.

How much Cheese do i need.....Thats a good question! This depends on many factors... chiefly, what role is the Cheese playing? Is it as part of a 5 course dinner party, or perhaps you need Cheese for a feature Cheese and Wine evening, or maybe its a Ploughmans for 30 people. The range, and the quantity's required will be quite different for these events.

However as a guide, work on 4oz, or 120g per portion as a total Cheese value. So, 500g of Cheese will comfortably provide Cheese for 4-5 people as an After Dinner Selection.

Thats a good start point, and assuming most of your guests will sample your Cheese selection, should ensure there is little left over!

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