Whisky and Cheese Matching ...

Whisky and Cheese is not a combination that immediately springs to mind. However, it is one that can work rather well. Whisky, does offer a number of flavours which arent found in wine but which are found in cheese, including grassiness, barrel fermented notes, and saltiness.

Many whiskies will complement cheese and bring out an array of flavours. For the occasional whisky-drinker, we would suggest a small measure of water taken with the whisky to bring the sweetness of the whisky out and enhance the taste of the cheese. Below are some combinations that you may like to try ....

For a soft mild flavour, try a Creamy Lancashire with Glen Elgin 12 year. This whisky has a fruity, sweet taste, which pairs well with the Lancashire.

Those looking for a stronger taste can match the Glen Elgin 12yo and Compass Box peat Monster with one of our great Cheddars, ideally Montgommery or Quickes, producing a full, rich result. The whisky adds to the complexity of the taste, giving an overall smokiness.

And whisky connoisseurs could try a Balvenie 21yr  Port Wood with a slice of Blue Stilton. Most Port Wood finish Whisky will pair well, as The whisky has honey tones and a red fruit aroma, combining with the smooth texture of the Stilton. As a general rule, Blue Stilton, and Blue cheeses are firm friends with coastal and peaty malts.

Colston Bassett Baby Blue Stilton Half Truckle

Cheese and Wine Shop Blue Stilton half Baby Truckle

Manchego, this Spanish classic is a semi-hard sheep's milk cheese with a slightly briny but absolutely nutty flavor. It is traditionally served as a tapa with a slice of quince paste placed directly on top the piece of the cheese. The quince is essential to this pairing as no other fruit compares. In keeping with these signature Mediterranean flavors, try with The Balvenie 17 year old Madeira Cask scotch from the Speyside region. The subtle Madeira finish and fruit notes of this scotch balance beautifully with the Manchego and quince.

Lagavulin 16 year old and Lagavulin Distillers Edition with Spain's pungent blue veined Picos de Europa. They are equally good with Scotlands best Blues, Lanark Blue and Dunsyre.

Lanark Blue CheeseA worthy partner for Lagavulin!

Cheddar & Whisky ... An excellent cheese and malt combination include Talisker 10 year old with a strong English Cheddar and Talisker Distillers Edition with a Spanish  Manchego. Talisker 10 year old also pairs wonderfully with Liverot.  

Tornegus & Glenfiddich 12yr old
This Cheese, made here in Somerset and matured in Surrey by washing the rind with Kentish wine and sprinkling the cheese with lemon verbena and peppermint. It has a pungent aroma and a smooth texture. The 12yr old Speyside Single Malt Glenfiddich features elegantly rounded flavours with hints of fresh pears and subtle oak, which work well with the silky and sweetish finish of the cheese.

Parmigiano Reggiano & Aberfeldy 12yr old Often overlooked, Parmigiano Reggiano a splendid "table cheese" for eating, not merely for grating. Its a rich, fruity flavour with a flaky, grainy texture. Aberfeldy 12yr has a distinct fruity nose with notes of pineapple and cereal and boosts a syrupy palate. With a slightly spicy finish, this Whisky complements the rich flavour of the cheese and balances the best of both worlds.Washed Rind Cheeses Taleggio, Epoisse with Bourbon and lighter styled whiskies

Goats Cheese

Not necessarily the first cheese that comes to mind when thinking whisky, but goat’s cheeses are a delightful partner to delicate, floral whiskies represented best in the Lowlands styles. They also work well with Kentucy Bourbons. This is a lovely combination to enjoy before dinner, because it creates a light and refreshing sensation on the palate.

Golden Cross Goats Cheese & Dewar’s 12yr old, a blended Whisky with a hint of Scottish heather and a fruity nose. The hint of oak complements the flavour of the cheese and the sweetness of the Whisky blends perfectly with the creamy taste of the cheese.