Air Dry Hams, Bacons and Ham

Air Dry Hams, Bacons and Ham (20)

Parma Ham, Serrano Ham, local Bacons and more.

Cutting Pies, Pork Pies

Cutting Pies, Pork Pies (11)
Pork Pies, with a rich pastry crust, savoury jelly and fine meat filling are one of the great picnic and party foods. Versatile too; add a leafy green salad, and some chutney or pickle to make a tasty meal in minutes! Available in small individual Pies, or larger pies suitable for entertaining.

Deli Seafood Items

Deli Seafood Items (1)
Seafood favourites from Smoked Salmon through to Rollmops; see below to view

Findlaters Pates and Dips

Findlaters Pates and Dips (1)
Findlaters Pates, Pies and Dips are below; choose from the wide selection, including several Gold Medal winners. Ideal for entertaining, picnics or just an indulgent treat. 

Pates (25)

Pies & Quiches

Pies & Quiches (7)
Pies, from Cold cutting Pies, great when entertaining and picnicing to our lovely Chunk Pies, produced with local Meats and packed into crusty Pie Pastry, which are perfect for Lunch on the run, or coupled with some Vege make a great supper.