Cheeses to enjoy in April...

 Cheeses that are great in April ......

Key Dates; 08th April Easter Sunday
23rd April St Georges Day

Berkswell Cheese


Berkswell a favourite hard sheep cheeses that’s very very more-ish! Similar to Italian Pecorino, its dense textured, and is matured for around 4 months. Its robust, complex, sweet and nutty flavour enhances any cheese board. It looks great’s beautiful golden-orange rind, moulded in a unique barrel-shaped truckle. Click here to learn more!

Neufchatel… it’s the perfect gift for a cheese loving loved one! It has a pure, creamy luxurious taste, and is similar to that of Camembert. View more details here!

Neufchatel 200g Heart

Cashel Blue!

Cashel Blue is creamy, richly marbled, delightfully nutty semi-soft blue cows’ milk cheese by Jane and Louis Grubb in Tipperary Ireland. They use pasteurised whole milk from their pedigree Friesian dairy herd to make the handmade cheese. Although much of the cheese is sold young while it is still firm and crumbly, for a fuller flavour it is can be enjoyed at around three months, when it has developed a a softer texture and more mature flavour.

Why not spoil your loved one with a Cheese Heart? Godminsters lovely Cheddar has a lovely edge to it; its buttery, rich and satisfying. Read more about Godminster here!

Godminster Vintage Cheddar Heart 200g

Godminster Cheddar Hearts

Caws Golden Cenarth Washed Rind 225g

Golden Cenarth is Supreme Champion at this year’s British cheese Awards, along with Best Semi Soft cheese and Best Welsh Cheese. Click here to read more!

Membrello … or Quince as its more widely known here, is a great partner for hard cheeses, but especially Manchego. Great gifts for the Cheese fan!

Dulzoren Membrello Quince Paste 210g

Boska Tete De Moine Girolle Curler

Read about Tete de Moine here.

Classic Crackers ... for Artisinal Cheeses. Or, choose from our extensive selection of Biscuits for Cheese to make a great gift. Oh, and dont forget the Port. Choose from our wide selection here! Fine Cheese Company Classic Crackers For Artisan Cheeses
Seggiano Colomba Easter Cake 500g

Colomba Cake Enjoy a slice of Colomba cake with with a glass of wine, like our Vin Santo or Moscato, in true Italian style, or with a tea or coffee

 Why not add some of our great Cheese biscuits? Click here!

Fine English English Water Biscuits 100g

Fine Biscuits to enjoy with your cheese!