Godminster Cheese

Godminsters award winning cheeses are a Cheese and Wine Shop favorite. Presented in Godminsters gorgeous distinctive purple wax coats, they look stunning, travel well and make ideal gifts. The Cheddar is powerful, deliciously smooth, but with nice a sharp edge to it. Don`t forget the Bries as well; if you like the Cheddar, you`ll fall for the Bries!

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Godminsters Cheddars & eclectic Vodkas

History of Godminster Cheese ...


There have been people living and working the land at Godminster, in Bruton, here in Somerset, for over 5 centuries, and a dairy farm for the past 100 years. 

Godminster farm became certified organic in 1999 and, not long after, determined that cheddar cheese made the best use of the farms milk.

Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar 2kg Whole Truckle

The big 2kg of Godminsters finest!

Using a 70 year old recipe, the cheese is matured for at least twelve months before being coated in the distinctive wax, which helps to protect the cheese, and ensures its creamy texture. The cheese is actually made at Wyke Farm, the coating is done by Ashley Chase and the finished article is then dispatched from Bruton itself, not far from the farm.

More recently, the focus has expanded from simply a dairy farm, towards creating a selection of organic raw ingredients, each full of gracious goodness. These, in turn, are lovingly prepared into the Godminster goodies, which goes beyond their lovely cheeses, such as  ...

Godminsters Drinks ...

Richard Hollingbury, owner of Godminster, ships in organic vodka from the distillers, based in London. He then infuses the spirit with whatever is in season on the farm, producing some wonderful eclectic flavours.

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The farm also grows beetroot and apples in the orchards so Godminster have produced an innovative product range using these items including flavoured vodka and superb relishes and biscuits.

Godminster Vintage Cheddar Heart 200g  Godminsters distinctive hearts ... ideal for any Cheese lover!