Christmas goodies in all there forms, here, now for you to choose! Our wide selection of goods captures all thats best in festive foods, from the wide range that we stock. Buy Cheese, Ports, Wine, Christmas Specialites, and great chocolates from the Cheese and Wine Shop, and enjoy next day delivery!

Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars (5)
See The Cheese and Wine Shops range of Advent calendars from Lindt, Heidel and others.

All Christmas Lines

All Christmas Lines (325)
a list of all Xmas lines for you to choose from; gifts for all tastes and budgets.

Christmas 2022 (3)
See our wide range of goods available for Christmas 2022. Choose from our wide selection of Cheeses, Pates, Snacks, Cakes Biscuits and everything you`re likely to need for celebrating in style, or buying gifts for family and loved ones. If you cant see it on the web site, send us an email or call and leave a message if we are busy and cant reach the phone. 

We have a tasting program in the run up to Christmas, so if you are handy to Wellington, do pencil in the days and times and take advantage of meeting the producer and finding your favorite.

Christmas Brands

Christmas Brands (15)
See our range of Seasonal Products, by Brands such as Lambertz, Bendicks, Green & Blacks etc

Christmas Cheese

Christmas Cheese...
Festive cheeses in all their glory. From Stiltons to Vacherin Mon`dor, they are all available here, but pre-order to avoid disappointment, as stock is strictly limited.

Christmas Chocolates

Christmas Chocolates...

Choose your Christmas Chocolates here! From best brands through to great value family brands, they are here!

Christmas Confectionery (57)
Xmas Confectionary

Christmas Drinks

Christmas Drinks ...

Celebrate Christmas with our fantastic selection of seasonal drinks, from Sparkling Wines to fantastic Champagnes. From great value Cava and Prosecco to something special, like Bollinger Special Cuvee, start your festive celebrations with one of our great Christmas Drinks.

With an extensive selection of Port, Madeira and Sherry, along with our Cotleigh, Exmoor and Quantock Brewery Beers and Ciders, there's a great selection of Christmas Drinks.

Thinking Christmas drinks? Thinking Mulled Wine and Cider ... there's plenty of choice for these festive favourites, along with cracking Wines to partner your favourite treats.

Christmas Essentials

Christmas Essentials (212)

everything for the festive period; essential condiments and party foods.

Christmas Food...

Christmas Food, from finest Hams and Pates to Olives, Crisps, Nuts and Galce Fruits, all just a few clicks away!

Christmas Food Giftsets

Christmas Food Giftsets...
Gifts for Christmas, catering for all tastes and budgets. Choose from Indulgent treats, superbly presented in stylish packaging. Theres a gift for all tastes and budgets

Christmas Garlands and Wreaths

Christmas Garlands and Wreaths (4)
Wreaths are rich in history, are full of symbolism, and are a big part of setting the tone for a Traditional Christmas. 

Wreaths are highly symbolic, the Evergreen elements symbolizes growth and everlasting life. the Holly branches have thorns, and when used in a wreath represent the thorn on Jesus' crown when he was crucified. The Bright red holly berries symbolize Jesus' blood that was shed. 

Christmas wreaths and Garlands don't just look good ... our Wreaths and Garlands are scented with festive spices, and add a rich festive scent to your home! 

Hang Christmas wreaths and drape garlands to help create the atmosphere and get everyone in the festive mood! Hand made in North Devon, led by Fiona Jackson and her designers who create stunning Seasonal decorations.

This Christmas, choose one of our lovely Garlands, Wreaths or Table center pieces to create the mood in your home!  

Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers...

See our range of Christmas Hampers that always make ideal Christmas gifts. Choose from assorted Cheese selections, packed either in Trays or in traditional Christmas Hampers for maximum impact. 

Classic Christmas Cheese Hampers make great seasonal gifts, and our Cheese and Port Hampers always delight. Spoil your friends with a superb Cheese selection; from seasonal classics to contemporary Christmas selections, there's something here for all budgets.

Christmas Marzipan

Christmas Marzipan (8)
Looking for Christmas Marzipan specialities? World famous Marzipan brands, such as Niederegger, Reber and Shepcote all available fom The Cheese and Wine Shop.

Christmas Packaging

Christmas Packaging...

Present your goods in our seasonal giftboxes, from the elegant to the bright and cheerful, there is a presentation box for all occasions. From Wicker Hampers in assorted sizes, to Wicker Trays, theres a Wicker solution for all your gift needs. 

We also have a great selection of Jute giftbags, along with Fluted Cardboard presentation boxes in assorted sizes; view our selection below.

Christmas Pudding and Dessert Wines

Christmas Pudding and Dessert Wines (0)

Push the boat out this Christmas and make your Christmas Pudding the highlight of the meal. How? Well, partner it with one of our fantastic Dessert wines, thats how! 

Choose from our wide selection, theres classic Muscats and Sauternes through to Pinneau de Charantes and Tokays.

With a wide choice that starts at a modest £5.99, theres a pudding wine to suit all tastes and budgets.