Danish and Norwegian Cheeses

Danish and Norwegian Cheeses (5)
Possibly the most famous Cheese from Scandinavia, certainly the most distinctive, is what The Norwegian and German`s call brown cheese. Translated, this simply mean 'whey cheese'. 

We stock Gjetost, in various sizes and styles, along with Danish Blue and other popular cheeses from Denmark and Norway. 

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English Cheeses

English Cheeses...

When English cheeses are good, they are very, very good. A top-notch Stilton or farmhouse Cheddar is incomparable. The combinations are classic: think of a crumbly slice of Stilton, a ripe pear and a glass of vintage port. Or how about a ploughman's lunch made up of a wedge of sharp, golden Cheddar, a crusty roll, some tangy pickle, an apple and a bottle of our local beer or Cider. See Englands finest Cheeses here!

French Cheeses

French Cheeses (168)
Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop we have got French Cheeses covered. From Bries and Camemberts to the Blues of Saint Agur and Roquefort, all available for next day delivery.

Irish Cheeses

Irish Cheeses (2)
See our selection of superb Irish Cheeses here; from our St Patricks day selection through to quality Bries, Soft Cheeses from Cooloney Farm and the superb Cashel Blue.

Italian Cheeses

Italian Cheeses (57)

Italian Cheeses, from Pecorino to Mascarpone and Parmesan Reggiano. Italian Cheese is great, for its an essential ingredient in every Chefs fridge. Turn ordinary Pasta into extraordinary with some freshly grated Parmesan. Choose from our ever popular Pecorrino, Parmesan and Taleggios. Then theres our Gorgonzola and Dolcelatte, along with Mozzarella, Ricotta and Mascarpone amoungst others. See our selection here.

Scottish Cheeses

Scottish Cheeses (25)

Buy Scottish Cheeses at The Cheese and Wine Shop! From the sublime creamy Caboc and Garth Dhu, to Mull of Kintyre Cheddar, we have a great range of Scottish Cheeses. Oh, and we have a superb range of Whisky, Shortbread and Fudge to to enjoy with Scotland's finest Cheeses!

Spanish Cheese

Spanish Cheese (8)

Spainish Restaurants are today leading the world, and we present our limited selection of fine cheeses here. From Manchego to Serrat, we have Spainish Cheese for next day delivery!

Swiss Cheeses

Swiss Cheeses (53)
Switzerland is famous for its Cheeses, and especially its Fondue Cheeses, along with cave aged Greyeres, Emmentals and other great Cheeses. Oh, and and you can buy them here for next day delivery!

Welsh Cheeses (41)

See our selection of Irish and Welsh Cheeses, from lovely Goats Cheeses thru to super Bries. From fine Truckles of Cheddar to superb Blues, see our selection here.