Walkers Cakes

Walkers Cakes (0)
Walkers Cakes, from the exotic Dundee to the Ginger or Paradise cake are family favorites. Available year round, they make great gifts, and are available in cello, cardboard and tins for that specail occassion, or whn ou want to be indulgant!

Walkers Christmas Cakes

Walkers Christmas Cakes (0)

Walkers Christmas Cakes are festive favorites. Ideal gifts, they are welcome gifts during the festive period, and the Christmas cake is just one of Walkers fine festive cakes; choose from Strathspey, and the famous Glenfiddich Whisky Cake.

Walkers Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread (0)
Walkers Shortbread in cello wrap, boxes and tins. Do you like it plain, or perhaps embellished with Ginger or Chocolate? Walkers Shortbread is ideal for morning or afternoon tea, picnics or just for a special treat!