Whisky and Cheese Tasting Notes ...

Notes on a Whisky and Cheese Tasting ...

Up first was the floral Yamazaki 10 year old against the salty and creamy Gruyere en Compte. This proved to be a promising start, our tasters thought that the whisky provided a good background to the forward flavours of the cheese. The pairing seemed to create a multi-dimensional quality and an increased depth of flavour.

After a short break we cracked on with the final three pairings. The Irish Redbreast 12 year old with Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue was a great combination, the tang of the blue cheese sliced through the sweetness of the pot still whiskey, allowing the two elements to work in harmony. Hailing from Shropshire myself, I was disappointed to discover Shropshire Blue actually originates from Inverness, but still a great cheese.

The oily Springbank 12 year old cask-strength with the smoked Dorset Red. The whisky gave the cheese a more interesting coastal flavour without diminishing the delicious smoky power of the cheese.  Contrary to what I expected, we found that a highly peated whisky didnít match this cheese particularly well.

Last was the classic pairing of Lagavulin 12 year old with the superb and famous Rocquefort. Lagavulin is a big whisky boasting lots of peat and strength, this and the full-flavoured blue saltiness of the cheese created a perfect conclusion to our evening.

There was plenty of great feedback, some of the pairings were quite magical, some prompted intense discussions.