The Cheese and Wine Shop Wines Vintage Chart

The Cheese and Wine Shops Wine vintage charts and rating for classic wine regions around the world, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Port, Champagne, Rhone, Chablis, and Italian vintages.


1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Red Wine
Burgundy (Red)
10Lay Down 7Drink/Keep 6Drink Now 9Lay Down 6Lay Down 7Lay Down 10Lay Down
Rhone (North)
9Lay Down 8Lay Down 9Lay Down 4Drink Now 8Drink/Keep 8Lay Down 10Lay Down
Rhone (South)
7Drink Now 8Drink/Keep 9Lay Down 3Drink Now 10Drink/Keep 9Lay Down 9Lay Down
9Drink/Keep 7Drink/Keep 9Drink/Keep 5Drink Now 7Drink/Keep 8Lay Down 6Drink/Keep
6Drink Now 8Drink/Keep 9Drink/Keep 5Lay Down 6Lay Down 9Lay Down 8Lay Down
6Lay Down 10Lay Down 7Lay Down 7Drink/Keep 8Lay Down 7Lay Down 10Lay Down
St Emilion/Pomerol
7Drink/Keep 8Lay Down 8Drink/Keep 7Drink/Keep 7Lay Down 8Lay Down 10Lay Down
White Wine
Burgundy (Cote dOr)
7Drink/Keep 7Drink/Keep 7Drink/Keep 10Lay Down 6Drink/Keep 8Lay Down 9Drink/Keep
7Drink Now 7Drink Now 6Drink Now 8Lay Down 6Drink Now 7Drink/Keep 9Drink/Keep
6Drink/Keep 9Lay Down 9Lay Down 7Drink Now 7Drink Now 8Drink/Keep 9Drink/Keep
7Drink Now 6Drink/Keep 10Lay Down 7Lay Down 9Lay Down 6Lay Down 8Lay Down
Fortified Wine
7Lay Down 9Lay Down     9Lay Down    

Key To Symbols

1 = Very Poor
10 = Outstanding
Drink now = Drink now
Wines to lay down = Wines to lay down
May be drunk now, the best will keep = May be drunk now, the best will keep
Wines that are past their best = Wines that are past their best