Serving Tete de Moine Cheese

Tete de Moine Cheese ... is best served using a Girolle. Want to buy a Girolle? Click here! If you have just received delivery of your Girolle, scroll down the page a little for easy instructions on how to prepare your cheese, or click here to see a video. (Opens in a new Window; thanks to )

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How to place Tete de Moine Cheese onto the Girolle

1. Place the whole Tęte de Moine onto a clean cutting board. Using a sharp knife, cut the cheese in half. (You may find it easier, and neater to "scour” the Cheese with a craft knife first)

2. One half may be stored in the fridge. Place the cut side on a clean and plane surface. Then push the spike of the Girolle held upside down through the centre of the cheese. Make sure you hold the Girolle base horizontally. Turn the Girolle the right way round and press the cheese firmly down onto the steel blades of the wooden base so that it cannot rotate on the Girolle, but sits on the base.

The mounting procedure is far easier to do than to describe!

Avoid pressing down too hard on the cheese when you rotate the blade.

While being pared the rind of the Tęte de Moine AOC crumbles and falls onto the base of the Girolle. The rind can be removed from around the sides of the cheese with a vegetable peeler.


Tęte de Moine AOC, Bellelay cheese is best kept chilled under the cheese cover which stores its humidity; thus its full aroma can be preserved and the cheese is ready for paring at any time. If no cheese cover is available, you may wrap it in plastic film and put it into the fridge where the cheese may be stored for several weeks.

Since Tęte de Moine AOC is a natural product, whose maturing process continues, the cheese assumes an increasingly distinct taste with age.

Kept in the fridge its shelf life depends more on your personal assessment than on its best-before date.

Tete de Moine Cheese information

Product Origin;

Bernese Jura, Switzerland

Fat Content;



Foil Wrap


10 Ř x 8.5cm

Individual Cheese;


Best Before;

Individual Cheese minimum of 21 days. Ideally use with 10 days of opening.  

Care Details;

Refrigerate on arrival; keep chilled


As part of your cheeseboard, melted over Potatoes, with Salad, with Fruits; especially good with dried Fruits

Drink with;

Big reds like Chateauneuf-du-pape, Hermitage or try with Ale, Porter or Stout

Serving guide;

Place onto Girolle from fridge 45 minutes before use.


History of Girolle; paring made easy

Nicolas Crevoisier, a precision engineer from Lajoux in the Canton of Jura, used to pare Tęte de Moine AOC with a knife like his father and grandfather. He tried substituting the old, time-consuming method requiring certain skills by a faster and niftier system. After several trials he finally came up with the Girolle. Running a spike through the cheese did the trick and makes paring perfect rosettes as easy as anything.

In 1981 the Girolle was patented. Production began in the year after and Mr Crevoisier's company, Metafil AG, was able to get through the economic crises of those years without having to dismiss any of his employees. In 1986 he even received the innovation prize of the Canton of Jura. Since the Girolle was first launched 2.5 million items have been sold.

Ref Source : Alain Portner et alii, Der Tęte de Moine, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Editions d'En Haut, 1992.