Multiple Delivery Addresses

Our Website shopping cart allows you to;

  1. deliver goods to your address
  2. deliver goods to a single address
  3. split your goods into multiple delivery addresses (Ideal for sending Hampers and Gifts)
  4. have some goods delivered, with the balance collected

The first 3 options are straightforward. The last option, where your goods are split into different "Parcels" for delivery is more complex, but our website does the hard work. 

MULTIPLE DELIVERY ADDRESSES: From the goods in your cart, we need you to “group” them so they can be assigned delivery and collection addresses.

So, please start; For Items you want DELIVERED:

1.    By selecting the goods you want delivered to a single address. (by placing a tick box in the column next to the line) See sample below

2.    Once you have selected ALL the goods for an address, please click on the column heading “Group for Delivery”.

 3.    This “groups” your selected items, and allows you to send them to an address.

4.    You will now be prompted for the delivery address.

5.    Please complete all details.

6.    After allocating the delivery address,


Please select the next group of goods to be delivered. (by placing a tick box in the column next to the line)

7.    any goods remaining in your cart you will be returned to your shopping cart, allowing you to

8.    and please repeat this process, allocating goods to the column titled For delivery, or collection as appropriate. Once goods are allocated, select the relevant Column, hit the Group button and repeat until all goods in you cart are allocated. Its that simple!. To edit or change a selection; select remove from group, and select the appropriate new choice You have allocated all goods; please click here to proceed to the payment section