Last orders for Christmas 2016

Last Deliveries for Christmas ... We are dispatching, and still have some slots available on Friday and as a last resort, Saturday. We recommend choosing a AM delivery on both days. Please Note; If choosing a Friday option, and for whatever reason the delivery fails to reach its destination on Friday 23rd the goods will NOT be delivered until the couriers next working day, Tuesday 27th. So please select appropriate goods that in the worst case scenario, will arrive in good condition. We suggest a Friday or Saturday option as a last resort, as the Ukmail deliveries are not guaranteed, although 99% do arrive on the designated day. 

Another good option is a Gift Voucher; click here for details. 

Delivery's between Christmas and New Year ... you can order items for delivery between Christmas and New Year, subject to delivery availability. We will be delivering as follows;


Delivery's on ...

Thursday 29th, Friday 30, Saturday 31st

Non Perishables

Delivery`s start…

Tuesday 27th

We recommend choosing the AM delivery, and selecting the "substitution ok" to avoid delaying your selection.

Substitutions ...with our extensive selection of products, on occasion we can be short, or waiting for delivery. During the busy Christmas New Year period, we suggest you select the "Substitution allowed" option to avoid delaying your parcel.

Gift Vouchers ... With seasonal weather conditions, delivery's can be held up, and selecting this option will minimize any delay. Rest assured, any substitution will be at least as nice, and as close to your original selection as possible. Another option is to send one of our Gift Vouchers; click here to read more, or here to send a Gift Voucher now.

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