Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chocolate Easter Eggs ...

Choose your Easter selection by Chocolate type; Dark, Milk or White, or perhaps a combination!

Easter all Items

Easter all Items (57)

Easter Gifts and treats for all budgets and tastes. From finest Belgian Chocolate Eggs and Nougart to Fudge enrobed in finest Belgian Chocolate.

Easter Bakery

Easter Bakery (13)

See our selection of Easter Bakery items, including Colombo cake, and Easter Biscuits.

Easter Decorations

Easter Decorations (1)
Hollow cardboard Eggs, table napkins and anything Easter thats not edible!

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs (62)

Easter Eggs in all shapes and flavours. From fine hand made examples, with luxury truffles, to popular brands such as Lindt, Green & Blacks, Bendicks and Belfine, they are all here, and we have something for all tastes and budgets.

Easter Novelty Items

Easter Novelty Items...

Easter Novelty Gifts, from hand made local items to the gorgeous Booja Booja Eggs from further afield. Also, favorites from Lindt, Belfine and Brownes.

Gift Ideas for Easter

Gift Ideas for Easter (6)
Click here to see our Easter range, from Cheese selections to Easter Chocolates.

Lindt Easter Bunny

Lindt Easter Bunny (5)

Linst Bunnies in White, Milk and Dark Chocolate are available here!