Half Bottles and smaller

Half Bottles and smaller (1)
See our fine range of Half bottles, perfect for Picnics, or when you only want a few a few glasses of wine and a full-sized bottle is just too much. 

Wines from all over the world, from great value Table Wines through to Champagnes and Pudding Wines.

Magnums of Wine & Champagne

Magnums of Wine & Champagne (4)
If you`re entertaining, a Magnum makes perfect sense; equally, if you are looking to make an impression, they are just the thing! Magnums of wine or Champagne make impressive gifts or great talking points at a dinner party. Itís also worth noting that wines and Champagnes bottled in magnums tend to mature more slowly and retain greater complexity. 

Here is our selection, choose from White or Red Wine, along with Port and Champagne, so theres something for all occasions and budgets. 

If youíre after some bottles to tuck away for a few years in the cellar Ė Magnums are the answer. Larger bottles of Champagne such as Jeroboams (equivalent to 4 bottles), Methuselahs (eight bottles) and Salmanazars (12 bottles) can be ordered by calling our sales team on 01823 662899, or emailing us here.