Daskalides Chocolates

At Daskalidès the focus has alway been on excellent quality. Daskalides Master Chocolatier, Dider Pynaert, says “Daskalidès has an outstanding reputation when it comes to quality, sophistication and the charisma of its pralines and chocolate."
Daskalides Amandine
"As a master chocolate maker I make not even the smallest concession in this respect. We owe it to our reputation and to our customers.” Didier is quite clear on this: chocolate is his profession and his passion, as befits a master chocolate maker."

Daskallides Master Chocolatier

Didier Pynaert, master chocolate maker at Daskalides says ...

Chocolate holds no secrets for Didier Pynaert: he has been a master chocolate maker at Daskalidès for 25 years. “I can’t think of a better or more versatile product than chocolate,” he says. “The variations in terms of taste, aroma, texture and shape are endless. Moreover, I have the privilege of working only with the best Belgian chocolate at Daskalidès.”

Deskalides Chocolate Cup

Continuing voyage of discovery

“I follow all the developments in the chocolate world closely through seminars, trade fairs and exchanges with colleagues all over the world. And there are many. In my own lab I have the space to experiment, to discover surprising flavours with new ingredients and to develop Daskalidès’ comprehensive range of products.”