Christmas Bakery

Christmas Bakery...

See our range of Christmas Bakery items here. From Stollen to Mince Pies and Gingerbread specialities, make Christmas extra special with our bakery  treats.

With Christmas Bakery Brands such as Lambertz, Weisse and Cottage Delight, theres a Stollen, Liebkuchen or Pfeffernusse just waiting, and they make lovely Christmas gifts.

Christmas Fruit & Nut Selections

Christmas Fruit & Nut Selections (5)

See our range of Fruit and Nut selections here; ideal for Christmas entertaining.

Christmas Glace Fruits

Christmas Glace Fruits (24)

See our selection of Glace Fruits here. From Sugarbird, Sultans and The Walnut Tree, choose from our wide selection here.

Christmas Pates & Terrines

Christmas Pates & Terrines (5)

Entertaining ... or just want a treat? Then click here to see our range of Pates. From lovely Chicken Liver and Brandy to Goose Liver, they are all here. Oh, and dont forget some of our crusty breads to accompany. Or if you prefer, see our range of crackers here.

Christmas Puddings

Christmas Puddings (14)

Christmas Puddings in all sizes, and for all budgets. Organic, Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

Marron Glace & Chestnuts

Marron Glace & Chestnuts (1)

Marron Glace is a luxurious confection, originating in southern France and northern Italy. Marrons glacÚs are often enjoyed after dinner, and they are also the basis for many desserts. Click here to see our selection of Marron Glace and Chestnuts.

Marzipan Fruits

Marzipan Fruits (11)

Marzipan in all its guises; Fruits, Liqueurs and Chocolates!