Christmas Stock

We place Christmas orders upto 6 months ahead, and for the most part receive all that we order. On occasion, despite ordering months ahead, and our best efforts stock does not arrive. There can be other factors, such as weather that can cause delays, as snow, rain and flooding all have potential to create havoc. We suggest you specify a substitution if appropriate at checkout, and in the rare case something is unavailable, we will send a substitute thats as close to your original as possible. (Some customers discover new favorites this way, but if you're all set on a particular item, we appreciate that sometime its only that item that will do and is needed!)

With Cheese its more difficult, as we want the longest possible date on it when it arrives to you. For Hard Cheeses, this is not a problem, as they are dated well into the new year, but for soft Cheeses its much more of a problem, as typically they will only have 14 days maximum, and for cut cheeses you want to receive them a day or two before use, so in this situation, a substitution makes sense to avoid delay.

If you select "No substitution" at the checkout, and your goods don`t arrive, then your order will be cancelled. Where possible, if you can wait until replacement stock arrives, that is an option. If this is the case we will contact you with an update where possible, but the closer this gets to Christmas, the less likely this becomes.