Anthon Berg

Anthon Berg (11)

Since Anthon Berg began his production of filled chocolates in 1884, Anthon Berg has established a reputation for exquisite quality. 
We have a superb range of Anthon Berg Chocolates available here At The Cheese and Wine Shop, ready for next day delivery!

Asbach Chocolates

Asbach Chocolates (6)
Asbach Chocolates are popular Liqueur Chocolates, and are especially popular at Christmas. Click here to view our range, including Asbach Cherries. Want Asbach Brandy? Thats here!

Beechs Chocolates

Beechs Chocolates (15)
Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop, we stock a wide selection of Beech's Fine Chocolates, which represent good quality and brilliant value for money.

Cafe Tasse

Cafe Tasse (20)

The Cheese and Wine Shop is proud to have stocked Cafe Tasse for over 10 years, and it continues to be one of our strongest sellers! See our range here, available for next day delivery!

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates (57)
Buy Charbonnel et Walker from The Cheese and Wine Shop for next day delivery. Enjoy Charbonnel et Walker, chocolates fit for a queen! Charbonnel Walker are holders of the Royal Warrant as manufacturers of chocolate to her Majesty The Queen. Charbonnel Walker are chocolatiers producing a world famous range for you to enjoy; buy online today and enjoy next day delivery from The Cheese and Wine Shop.



Charbonnel Walker Truffles

Charbonnel Walker Truffles (41)

Charbonnel et Walker are perhaps most known for the Champagne truffles they produce. Choose from lovely pink champagne truffles, Biter Chocolate garnished with a hint of Gold Leaf, or Milk Chocolate Champagne. Then theres the Bucks Fizz, Caramel, Kings Ginger along with Lemon and Port and Cranberry. In short, truffles for all tastes! 


Chocolart (13)
Chocolart produce great Chocolates, and have been at The Cheese and Wine Shop since their launch. Produced using finest Belgian covetures, Chocolart are superb quality, and use bang up to date flavours.

Cocoabean Company

Cocoabean Company (1)
Fine Chocolates produced in Dumfries, way up in Scotland! This is a lovely range, with great packaging, and these have proven very popular.

Duc d'O Chocolates

Duc d'O Chocolates (14)
Belgium has had an excellent and world-renowned reputation for making wonderful chocolate, and for many people, great value Belgium chocolate means Duc d'O. The Cheese and Wine Shop sells a wide range of Duc d'O, available for next day delivery. 

Green & Blacks Chocolate

Green & Blacks Chocolate (6)

Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop, we stock the full range of Green & Blacks organic Chocolate, one of our most popular organic Chocolate brands.

Gudrun Chocolates

Gudrun Chocolates (15)
Gudrun produce a great value range of Chocolate Truffles, Pralines and Liqueurs. Gudrun produce a wonderful selection, and all are available for next day delivery. Gudrun Chocolates make great celebration and hostess gifts.

Guy Lian Chocolates

Guy Lian Chocolates (3)
Guylian chocolates are premium quality, praline filled delicacies available in a range of varieties at The Cheese and Wine Shop. Guylian’s range of gift boxes means this delicious Belgian chocolate is the gift of choice for any occasion or the perfect chance to spoil yourself with a little decadence.

Jacali Chocolates (6)

Jacali Choclates, great value Belgium quality chocolates, available in Ballotins, and loose from our Cabinet.

Lindt Chocolates

Lindt Chocolates (31)

The Cheese and Wine Shop sells Lindt Swiss Chocolate, and this World famous brand remains very popular year round. Choose from Lindt Bars, Gift boxes and seasonal variants. Buy Lindt at The Cheese and Wine Shop, and have it delivered next day!.

Lindt Christmas Lines

Lindt Christmas Lines (15)
The Cheese and Wine Shop stocks the best of Lint's Christmas lines. From finest Swiss Chocolate selections to Christmas Novelties, that include Father Christmases and table novelty's, all of which make lovely table decorations.

Lindt Easter

Lindt Easter (4)

See our range of Lindt Easter gifts, including Eggs, Giftpacks and Easter Egg hunt packs right here.

Mon Cheri Chocolates

Mon Cheri Chocolates (8)

Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop we stock a great selection of Mon Cheri Chocolates, along with other Cherry based Chocolates in White, Milk and Dark Chocolate. See our range of Mon Cheri below!

Prestat Chocolates

Prestat Chocolates (8)

Prestat – Finest Chocolates and Truffles has held a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty The Queen for over 35 years. In 1999, Prestat was privileged to be appointed a second Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in her centenary year. A Royal Warrant is a mark of service, quality of produce and outstanding value. It is only awarded to companies that consistently provide excellence. This rare and prestigious honour is reviewed every 5 years.

Reber Chocolates

Reber Chocolates (11)
Reber produce Chocolate and Marzipan specilaites that are World-renowned for exquisite taste. Reber chocolates are shipped in attractive, award-winning, red and gold packaging, and are perfect with one of our Coffees! 

Buy Reber Marzipan Specialites for next day delivery at The Cheese and Wine Shop.

Van Coillie Chocolates

Van Coillie Chocolates (30)
Van Collie Chocolates, produced in Belgium are a Cheese and Wine Shop top seller. This is a chocolate house with a first class pedigree, and Van Collie Chocolates are the name for high end luxury Belgium chocolates. 

Please click here to learn about Van Coillie Belguim Chocolates

Van Roy Chocolates

Van Roy Chocolates (2)

Van Roy Chocolates, from Belgium represent a great value selection of fine Chocolates, all attractively presented. White, Milk and Bitter Chocolates, all made in Belgium.