Bries and Camemberts

Bries and Camemberts (31)
See our range of Bries and Camemberts here; from individual cheeses, through to Brie De Meaux, many consider these cheeses to be the highlight of the Cheeseboard. Read more about Bries and Camemberts here!

Cheddar Cheese (97)
Cheddar, is the name of a village ..... just up the road from The Cheese and Wine Shop here in Somerset. More importantly, its also the original home of Cheddar cheese - a firm, cow's milk, pale yellow or orange cheese. Since it is widely produced, cheddar does not have a 'protected designated origin'. That said, to combat commoditization of this venerable cheese, the European Union recognizes West Country Farmhouse Cheddar as a protected designation of origin.

Cheddars - Cloth bound Traditional

Cheddars - Cloth bound Traditional (20)
For many people, the best cheddars aren't aged in plastic! Real cheddar is carefully wrapped in layers of cloth and aged in a cave so that it releases moisture and develops a deep concentration of flavor. If this is how you like your Cheddar, see our selection of Cloth Bound Cheddar Truckles here.  

Ideal for catering, partys, or entertaining, or as a gift for the Cheese fiend! Here you will find our selection of Cloth Bound Cheddars, either individual Cheeses, or large pieces, cut from large 20kg+ Truckles.

Cheese; Non Vegetarian (0)
View our selection of Non Vegetarian Cheese here!

Cheese; Vegetarian (0)
View our selection of Vegetarian Cheese here!

Fruit Cheeses

Fruit Cheeses (6)

Cheese with Fruits, such as Wenseydale with Cranberries, and White Stilton  with Stem Ginger are popular classics. See our selection here.

Hard Cheeses

Hard Cheeses (67)

Hard cheesemaking is incredibly varied, with many seemingly minor factors leaving a significant impression on the finished Cheese. From a small differential in the milk temperature, to the individual variances and methods of cutting the curd, along with countless other factors all contributing in different ways, thus allowing the cheese makers to produce very different and distinctive Cheeses. The list of variables is almost endless, and its a wonderful thing, as it allows the Cheesemakers to produce such a variety of hard cheese. Enjoy the fruits of the Cheese makers craft with our selection here.

Semi Hard Cheeses

Semi Hard Cheeses (122)
Hard cheeses usually become crumblier and more pungent as they age, but while young they are firm and flavorful. View The Cheese and Wine Shops classic selection of hard cheeses here.

Soft and Semi Soft Cheeses (100)

Soft Cheeses, ideal for spreading on our Crackers or crusty breads. Must have on a cheeseboard; see below for our extensive selection.

Soft Cheese occupy the blurry realm between fresh and affine, or cured cheese. It is always consumed within a month or two of production. Soft cheese is soft because it still retains a high percentage of water in the paste. As a cheese ages, it loses its moisture to evaporation - the angel's share - and slowly hardens. 

Cheesemakers employ other methods to attain a desirable soft texture. Many soft cheeses like Brie, Camembert, and Triple-Creams are mold-ripened. Mold-ripening refers to the inoculation of milk or the spraying of cheese rind with particular strains of fungus, which break down the paste of the cheese, softening it. These are the microorganisms that are responsible for the deliciously oozy texture of ripe Brie. Bloomy rind cheeses are inseminated with yeast which develops a light fur cover of mold during their affinage. We are pleased to offer a fine selection of soft, bloomy rind cheeses.

Soft Fresh Cheeses

Soft Fresh Cheeses (51)
Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop we have a wide range of fresh cheeses, most  come from the Continent, but we also have several British surprises! Usually very easy to ripen and just require taking out of the refrigerator a couple of hours before eating. Read more about fresh Cheeses here.

Triple Cream Cheeses

Triple Cream Cheeses (17)

Incredibly creamy and decadent and indulgent.  They have roughly twice the fat as a typical Brie or Camembert, but they're much more buttery and rich.  Some triple-crèmes are fresh, like mascarpone.  Others are soft-ripened, like Boursault, Castello Blue, Brillat Savarin, and Explorateur.

Truffle Cheeses

Truffle Cheeses (7)
See our range of Cheeses with Truffle in, we are talking seriously good Bries and Camemberts along with Taleggio all enhanced with a sprinkling of Truffles.

Truffle cheese is a term given to any type of cheese that has been flavored with truffles, a culinary fungus that grows underground and is highly prized by chefs and foodies. Truffles have an earthy, some say mildly garlicky, nutty flavor and are very aromatic.

Truffle cheese is flavored with either truffle shavings or truffle oil, or sometimes both. Any style of cheese made from any type of milk can be flavored with truffles. 

Washed Rind Cheeses

Washed Rind Cheeses (37)

One of the most intriguing of cheeses, Washed Rind cheese often combines the beauty of a pale orange coat with a luscious golden centre and a wonderful wild aroma. Often, the smell is much stronger than the taste, with many washed rind cheeses being quite mild relative to the "pong".