Cornish Cheeses

Cornish Cheeses (26)

Cheeses from Cornwall encompass a wide selection, and the County has never produced so many fine cheeses. From Brie style soft cheeses through to arguably Cornwall`s most popular Cheese, Cornish Yarg, we have them all here for you.

Devon and Dorset Cheeses

Devon and Dorset Cheeses (35)
View Devon and Dorset Cheeses here!

English Cheeses - All (12)

See our selection of English Cheeses here, from Bries to Cheddars and Stiltons to Stinking Bishops, they are all here; what  choice!

Somerset Cheddars

Somerset Cheddars (29)
Here in Somerset, we are privileged to be home to world class Cheddars; click hereto see The Cheese and Wine Shops home team here!

Somerset Cheeses

Somerset Cheeses (92)
Here in Somerset, we are privileged to be home to world class Cheddars, Bries and Blue Cheeses. Choose from our eclectic mix, be it soft, decadent Bries or Cheddars with bite, they are all here.

We have Somerset's finest Cheeses; Traditional Cheddars from Montgommery and Keens, along with the ever popular Cheddar Cheeses from Godminster, Barbers, and Lye Cross amongst others, many available year round as indiviual truckles, which make a great and memorable gift.

Were well catered for on Soft Cheeses, with the excellent Bries from Godminster and Lubbern Creamerys, and for Goats Cheese, don`t look further than our Stawley Cheese, which is a shop favourite. 

West Country Cheeses

West Country Cheeses (101)

The West Country is famous for its Cheeses and Ciders, but its perhaps best known as the home of authentic handmade Farmhouse Cheddar. All

these fine Cheeses are produced on farms based here in the South West of England. From fine Truckes of Cheddar to Bries, and Blues, see our selection here.