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The village of Colston Bassett lies near the Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire border, in an area known as the Vale of Belvoir. Many villages in this area had small Stilton dairies in the nineteenth century, most of which have now disappeared.

For almost a centrury, Colston Bassett has been making the finest quality Blue Stilton, "King of Cheeses". A highly skilled, dedicated and experienced team use the same time honoured recipe and methods used by generations to make this unique, award winning cheese, every day taking the milk from the same pastures and the same farms that founded the dairy as a co-operative in 1913. Colston Bassett, a rural village in the heart of the English countryside, has become famous to lovers of fine cheese worldwide.

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This award-winning creamery is one of the last British independent Stilton makers. Cropwell Bishop Creamery is a family-owned and run company located in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir about 7 miles south east of Nottingham. The Skailes family have been at the heart of the company for 3 generations.


Cropwell Bishop Jars make great festive gifts; Cropwell Bishop is a fantastic Stilton, with a strong yet sweet and creamy flavour. Cropwell Bishop Creamery is an independent family-run business making Blue Stilton and Blue Shropshire cheeses. The creamery has won many awards for their cheese over the years at all major British cheese shows.

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Founded in 1911, Clawson is one of the oldest and most successful farmers' co-operatives in the UK. Based in Leicestershire's beautiful Vale of Belvoir, the company's state-of-the-art cheesemaking plants benefit from a program of on-going innovation, investment in people and technology, hygiene control, training and efficiency. Long Clawson is one of our most popular Blue Stiltons here at The Cheese and Wine Shop.



Blue Stilton Reviews ...

Colston Bassett Stilton

This is a pale creamy off-white cheese with dense blue-green marbling which is much reduced towards the edge. It crumbles into non-curd lumps and is sticky between the fingers. The smell is buttery but with a note a bit like processed smoked cheese. It tastes buttery and creamy with decent balance but was lacking in bite, even in the very blue bits. Very hollow in the mid-palate and faded quickly. A mild Blue Stilton.

Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Pale and buttery appearance with much more blue than the first cheese. The blue is in a fine and extensive web throughout the cheese. This was less sticky and crumbled better than the first cheese. It was hard to detect anything on the nose from this cheese. It is better in the mouth, with a nice coarse-grained texture and good complexity. It is salty but also has a good blue hit. The flavours linger and have good depth and length. Hint of ammonia on the finish, but not distracting

Long Clawson Stilton

Plenty of finely-marbled blue right out to the edge. The blue is the least intense colour, being actually more a pale green. Not particularly crumbly. The nose is buttery but also has an interesting complexity. There’s a nice richness to it and a nutty note too. This has a dense and buttery texture and is the most chewy of the cheeses. There is lovely depth of blue flavour and good balance with the salt, which is quite restrained. Good length, with just a hint of ammonia on the finish.


This looks really appealing. The cheese is a shade darker than the first two and on the plate it is naturally crumbling into curd-shaped bits. The blue is extensive and coarse-veined. This smells lactic and cheesy. There’s also a bready or malty richness on the nose. By far the most complex and appealing. In the mouth this is distinctly lighter and less dense than any of the others with a hedonistic melting quality. Smooth and salty with lovely layers of complex flavours. Good balance between the rich cheese and the bite of the blue. Stunningly good cheese.