2011 British Cheese winners at The Cheese and Wine Shop

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Best PDO/PGI Cheese 2011


 Denhay Mature Cheddar Truckle

Made with milk from their own herd and wrapped in cloth that is traditionally sealed with lard it has a lovely firm, dense texture that feels rich and buttery with a savoury tang that becomes more grassy and mellow on the finish.  Excellent example of a traditional cheddar. Click here to buy Denhay Cheddar!



Best Fresh Cheese 2011

Winner of the same award in 2010 it is a small, handsome, compact cylinder with a sticky whitish rind dusted with ash creating a stark contrast with the pure white soft melt in the mouth, mousse-like interior. Fresh with a lemony zing and subtle herbaceous tang overlaid with a wonderful nutty goaty taste. Buy Dorstone here!


Dorstone Goats Cheese 200g

Best Cheddar 2011


There were 112 cheeses in this category… so to win it with a mild cheddar makes this an even more impressive win.  Made to a 16th Century recipe on Quickes 450 year old family farm, near Exeter, it has a firm body and a wonderful subtle but distinct taste with a buttery feel and fruity and nutty notes. The only traditional cheddar maker in Devon.



Best Modern British Cheese 2011


Large, square, raw ewes’ milk cheese with distinctive ridges, rounded corners and a rustic reddish-brown rind dusted with a multitude of brown, grey and charcoal moulds.  Inside it is dense, compact and slightly oily with a superb burnt caramel, sweetness from the milk that hints of roast lamb and crushed nuts.