Etorki Cheese
Etorki Cheese
Etorki Cheese
Etorki Cheese
Etorki Cheese
Etorki Cheese

Etorki Cheese

Etorki is oily with butterfat, yet firm and supple with a burnt caramel sweetness, hints of Hazelnut and a creamy texture. This is a lovely cheese, fantastic on a cheese board, and in the summer is ideal for a buffet or picnic with apples and pears, and in salads, or with raw veggies and olives.

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Sheep Milk
Sheep Milk Cheese
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Pasteurised Cheese
Pasteurised Cheese
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Etorki Half Cheese 2kg+ - £60.00
500g Etorki - £15.00
Etorki Whole Cheese 4kg+ - £125.00
Etorki Quarter Cheese 1kg+ - £29.00

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More about Etorki ... 

Product Origin; Pyranees, France

Packaging; Cut Cheese Wax Paper

Care Details; Keep chilled

Dimensions Guide;

Best Before; Whole Cheese Uncut; 6 weeks. Cut Cheese; enjoy within 5 days

Etorki is characterized by its ivory-colored center, firm but supple texture and thin, brownish-orange rind. Etorki is slightly oily from the high butterfat content, which comprises 33% of the cheese’s total weight. It is also a very supple cheese; you can bend it a bit without breaking. Etorki has a cylindrical shape about 10 inches diameter and 4 inches height. According to tradition of the Basque shepherds - Etorki should be served with black cherry jam on top. Etorki is a popular choice for cheese platters (Serve with pickles, spicy olives or cured meats), but it is equally good in a salad made with yellow apples and sweet pepper preserves, with Bayonne ham and Espelette pepper, or in a terrine with eggplant. All Pyrenees cheese go well with apples and pears and it makes a great picnic or lunch cheese.

Etorki, which means "origin” in Basque, is a pasteurized sheep's milk cheese that has been produced in the heart of the Basque region of southwestern France for over 4000 years. The cheese is made from local sheep's milk in Mauléon, in the Atlantic Pyrenees. More specifically, Etorki is made from the milk of black- or red-faced Manech ewes. This breed has lived in the region for thousands of years and produces superb milk. The ewes' milk is exceptional, but there is only a scant supply: It takes 22 ewes to provide the same amount of milk obtained by the milking of a single cow. A total of 6 gallons of milk is needed to produce one wheel of Etorki. The scarcity of ewes' milk and the limited milking season – December to July – offer a partial explanation for the higher price of cheese made from sheep's milk in comparison to that made from cow's milk. And Etorki is composed of over 98% ewes' milk.

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