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HOW DO I ASSEMBLE THE CHEESE CAKE ....? There are two popular methods; The first is the easier and most popular way and is known as "Stacked" or ‘the American style'.

The cheeses are simply stacked on each other, with some customers placing a circle of greaseproof between each. The second, "Open style" involves separating the cheeses with stands, boards, pillars, etc. and we use glass discs which provide the effect.

Remember that whether stacked directly or separated, three or more cheeses which are different sizes work much better than several cheeses which have the same diameter a cake which looks like a factory chimney is not very aesthetically pleasing!

You will need at least one, perhaps two, very sharp, strong knives to cut the cake; we sell plenty of knives. Smaller knives are really useful to spread out amongst the cheeseboard and, of course, are useful to keep and use in the future.
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Whilst talking of adding other items to your order, many customers have also added some chutneys and pickles to go with their cheese selections.

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Florance Wedding Cheesecake in Stacked style


Lily Celebration Cheesecake and Florance Celebration; both   Cake in "Stacked Style"


Daisy Celebration Cheesecake; feeds 165+ guests

Daisy Celebration Cake in Open Style with Glass Spacers

Once assembled, you may want to decorate the cake according to your events theme, or perhaps you would prefer to find someone artistic to garnish it in an attractive manner!

We can provide fruit to decorate your cake, click here to view. Other popular garnishes include decorative ivy and fruits such as strawberries, figs, passion fruit and kiwi fruit, along with flowers, and appropriate figurines are all ideal.

If you are worried about cut flower or leaf stems touching the cheese, wrap the stems in a little clingfilm or foil. We think that the cakes work best when they have all their wrappings removed before decoration, although some people do like to see these!

The cheese wedding cake can then be decorated by the customer, florist or caterer to complement the bridal flowers, or dressed with whatever fruit is in season:

figs and grapes in Spring, strawberries and cherries in Summer, nuts and plums in Autumn and Winter.
Cheesecakes aren't just for weddings though, and the ‘cakes' also make a wonderful centrepiece for an anniversary, christening or special birthday!
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A four tier Celebration Cake; click here to view our full selection

We have a wide range of combinations that work, which make choosing your cake very easy. Please click here to view. Please be aware that we will supply the cheese along with instructions and recommendations on how to store it between arrival and the big day but you will need to ask your florist or caterer to decorate it for you.

You can use our photos for inspiration or get your florist to come up with something that echoes the bouquet or table decorations. A mixture of flowers, herbs and fruit can look stunning.

You should also be aware that as the tiers get smaller there will be less cheese! If you want equal amounts of cheese you will need to order more of the top tiers.
We can also deliver a delicious range of biscuits, pickles or fruits for cheese to complement your cheese selection. We can deliver to the wedding venue (anywhere within the UK mainland), via courier, a few days before the wedding day.

We normally recommend 110g of cheese per person (or around 4oz) which means in theory, that if you have 100 guests you will need a 11kg cake and so on! Some guests will not eat any cheese (14.2% of people do not eat cheese) but other guests will eat much more than 100g so from our experience of providing cheeseboards for functions, allowing 110g per person will cover it adequately.
Forty guests is about the minimum sized cake so if you have fewer than that we would suggest a nice selection of cheeses.

Some Cheese and Wine Shop customers have bought cakes twice the size they need simply to create the right impact; they then use the remaining cheese for another cheese meal.


Remember that most blue cheeses freeze although we don’t recommend this; far better to enjoy any surplus within the few days after your event. You may need slightly less than 100g per person if the cheese celebration cake makes up part of a buffet, or if its in addition to a traditional cake.


If you are able to plan a visit to the West Country, then why not organise a shop visit? We can introduce you to the Cheeses, and you can taste the selection, which is to be recommended! Please call us on 01823 662899 or send us an email and we can contact you to confirm an appointment time.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 01823 662899 or send an email, and we will do our very best to help.