Tete de Moine Cheese
Tete de Moine Cheese
Tete de Moine Cheese
Tete de Moine Cheese
Tete de Moine Cheese on Girolle (Board not included)
Tete de Moine Cheese on Girolle (Board not included)
Tete de Moine Cheese "Rose" on Girolle Board (Not included)
Tete de Moine Cheese "Rose" on Girolle Board (Not included)

Tete de Moine Cheese (Whole Cheese 800g+)

Tete de Moine Cheese is a semi-hard cheese with a silky body which easily melts in your mouth. This small truckle, with a minimum weight of 800g is ideal for entertaining, and when placed on the Girolle Curler, makes great "table theatre"! If you dont want to buy a machine, you can shave pieces using a vegetable peeler; its no where near the same effect, and you wont get curls, but its a lovely cheese over Salads, or as part of your Cheese selection.

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Produced in Switzerland
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Cows' Milk
Cows Milk Cheese
Non Vegetarian
Un-Pasteurised Cheese
Un-Pasteurised Cheese


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More about Tete de Moine Cheese ... It is not cut, but pared into the shape of delicate rosettes. For this, you will ideally need a special Girolle Curler. The paring technique increases the amount of air coming into contact with the surface of the cheese, altering the structure of its body and allowing the full flavour of the Cheese to develop.

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Product Origin; Bernese Jura, Switzerland

Fat Content Guide; 50%

Packaging;Foil Wrap

Dimensions Guide; 10 x 8.5cm

Individual Cheese; Yes

Best Before; 21 days. Ideally use with 10 days of opening

Care Details; Refrigerate on arrival; keep chilled

Enjoy; As part of your cheeseboard, melted over Potatoes, with Salad, with Fruits; especially good with dried Fruits

Drink with;Rhone Red Wine, along with Chateauneuf-du-pape, Hermitage or try with Ale, Porter or Stout

Serving guide;Place onto Girolle from fridge 45 minutes before use.

More about Tete de Moine ... Tete de Moine means "monks head". This cheese was invented by the monks of Belleray Abbey in the Burnese Jura, and the brothers taught the local farmers how to make it. It is only made with rich summer milk and tradition has it that the first cheeses are ready to eat only when the first leaves of autumn have dropped from the trees.The rind can range from smooth and slightly oily to rough and brown in colour. The paste is firm, and creamy to straw-yellow, darkening as it ages. 

The flavour is sweet and tangy with musty wood nuts and mould. Traditionally the cheese is served in thinly sliced curls with some black pepper and ground cumin. Beautiful when served with a plate of air-dried meats, vegetable crudites or fruits.Tete de moine can be sliced vertically but to get the frilly curls of cheese which are served in Switzerland you will need to use a Girolle, or cheese curler. The curls are achieved by turning the handle of this special knife on a stand and shaving the cheese across the top.

Whereas pasteurisation destroys the natural microflora of the milk, unpasteurised or raw milk from the AOC region used for Tete de Moine fully preserves its unique taste and is a prerequisite for the production of this cheese with its distinct aroma.As a raw milk cheese Tete de Moine is rich in proteins and minerals.

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