Foodsaver Vacum Saver V2860 (image 1)
Foodsaver Vacum Saver V2860 (image 1)

Foodsaver Vacum Saver V2860

Ideal for extending the life of your fresh products, its the perfect way to preserve food. Other benefits include eliminating freezer burn, marinating meat and fish in minutes, protect collectibles and other non-food items from aging and corrosion - and more.

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More about Foodsaver Vacum Saver V2860 ...

Product Origin;



Cardboard Box


42½ cm L x 28½ cm D x 10 ½ cm H (16 7/8 in x 11 3/8 in x 4 1/8 in)

Care Guide;

See below



The Food Saver advanced design is simpler, sleeker and smarter, taking the favorite FoodSaver features and making them better than ever.  This new design flips up to conserve counter space when not in use and has a stainless steel lid and base. Easy, intuitive operation.

With its stylish design and packed with features, the V2860 appliance is Foodsavers top-of-the-line FoodSaver system.

Features: 3 Speed vacuum control, suitable for moist and dry food, flip up space saving design, easy lock system, integrated tool storage and cutter, indicator lights & accessory port.

Key Points; Freezing; Vacum Packing takes the air out of the freezer package. This prolongs the "freezer life" of the item, with the added bonus of minimising the space the item occupies in the freezer. The there is no air it almost doubles the amount you can get into your freezer space.

Marinating; Marinate your favorite foods; Vacum packing packs in the flavour.

Key Features ...

• Indicator Lights - Tracks sealing progress.
• Full-sized Vacuum Channel – Catches overflow liquids and fits any size
• FoodSaver™ Bag for maximum versatility.
• Port – Allows vacuum packaging with FoodSaver™ Canisters and Accessories.
• Accessory Hose Storage – Keeps Accessory Hose handy and protected.
• New Pen Storage – Stores pen under lid for dating and labelling bags.
• New Control Panel – Easy to clean and makes vacuum packaging easier than ever.
• New Adjustable Food Settings – Change seal level for type of food – moist or dry.
• New Easy-lock Latch – Latches lid tight, securing bag for vacuuming and sealing.
• New CrushFree Instant Seal – Immediately stops the vacuum process to prevent crushing.
• New Extra-wide Sealing Strip with Non-stick Coating – Provides extra secure, airtight seal that`s two times wider.
• New Three Speed Settings – Optimize vacuum speed for different size bags and canisters.
• New Vacuum Pulse – Allows for maximum vacuum control to prevent crushing.
• New Flip-up Design.
• Improved Built-in Roll Holder and Cutter – Simplifies making custom-sized bags.
• Improved Easy-clean Antibacterial Drip Tray – Removes easily, dishwasher safe. Extra deep and antibacterial.
• Improved Hands-free Operation – Vacuums, seals, and shuts off automatically with a single touch.
• New Canister Mode – Achieves the best vacuum on canisters and accessories.

Includes ...

• Accessory Hose and Storage Clips.
• 5 x 3.78 L FoodSaver™ Bags.
• 5 x 0.94 L FoodSaver™ Bags.
• One 28 cm wide x 3 m long roll of FoodSaver™ Bag material that you can custom-cut to fit a variety of foods.

Looking after your Vacum Packing Machine ...

 FoodSaver™ Appliances Care & Cleaning

1. Always unplug appliance before cleaning.
2. Do not immerse appliance in water.
3. Avoid using abrasive products or materials to clean any appliance components. These cleaners can scratch the surface and damage the black foam rubber pads.
4. Use a mild dishwashing soap and a warm, damp cloth to wipe away food residue inside or around components.
5. Dry thoroughly before reusing.
6. If your appliance features a Drip Tray, empty Drip Tray after each use. Wash in warm soapy water or place in top rack of dishwasher.

FoodSaver™ Bags

1. Wash bags in warm water using a mild dishwashing soap.
2. To wash bags in dishwasher, turn bags inside out and spread them over top rack of dishwasher, so entire surface is exposed to the washing water.
3. Allow bags to dry thoroughly before reusing.

IMPORTANT: To avoid possible illness, do not reuse bags after storing raw meats, raw fish or greasy foods. Do not reuse bags that have been microwaved or boiled.

FoodSaver™ Accessories

1. Wash all FoodSaver™ accessories in warm water, using a mild dishwashing soap. Do not immerse lids in water.
2. Dry thoroughly before reusing.
3. FoodSaver™ Canister bases (but not lids) are top rack dishwasher safe. Canister lids should be wiped down with a damp cloth.
4. Bulk Canister and Quick Marinator bases (but not lids) may be used to reheat foods in microwave.
5. Canisters with white lids should not be used in microwave or freezer.

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