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Stawley Cheese is, regretfully, no more! They may reappear after deciding to take a sabbatical. Stay tuned for updates. Meantime, for local Somerset Cheeses, look at our White Lake Cheeses here, and Somerset Cheeses here.

Will and Caroline Atkinson built Hill Farm Dairy in 2009, after buying the farm in 2008. The Dairy is outstanding, and has been designed with one thing in mind, producing the very best Goats Cheese!

The milk is from a herd of British Saanens, British Toggenbergs, both  high yield milkers, and Anglo Nubians, which provide a richer milk that is higher in butterfat and protein. Starting with 23 the herd is now around the 100 mark. 

They make cheese when goats start producing milk in early March, and stop when the goats stop producing milk. The Stawley Cheese  is based on Chabichou du Poitou.  Its a  rich and dense goats cheese that despite its condensed texture manages to be oh so creamy! It has lovely toffee notes, with mushroomy flavours near the rind. This cheese serves as the top of several of our popular cheese wedding cakes.

There is also a fresh Goats Curd, and the aged Wellesley to choose from.


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