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Miles of Porlock produce a great range of Coffee and Teas, all optimised for West Country tastebuds and water! So if you`ve enjoyed Miles whilst on holiday, we can dispatch your favourite Tea or Coffee quick smart! 

Choose from White Tea (White Tea is one of the purest teas we have, and is made from a leaf that has the least oxidation which means it hold the most natural elements of the plant) Green Tea is made from tea leaves that are simply steamed and dried soon after harvest. Unfermented leaves that are pale in colour and slightly bitter in flavour, produced mainly in China and Japan, and selected by Miles. Black tea is dried and crushed which allows the action of enzymes (which occur naturally in the tea leaves) to convert some of the simple catechins of green tea to more complex forms known as theaflavins and thearubigens. These compounds are responsible for the distinctive flavour and darker colour of black tea. They are also the well-known 'antioxidants' in tea responsible for much of its benefits.

There`s also an extensive selection of Coffees, from Blends to single bean, so there's a Tea and Coffee for all occasions!


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