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Ashley Chase, Dorset

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Keeving once dominated cider-production in Britain, and is now making a comeback, after being  lost, like so many of our artisan skills to industrial methods over the years as producers chased efficiency and convenience. 

With very little relevant knowledge in the UK, Pilton Cider Fonder Martin Berkeley traveled to France, where keeving is still used widely in Normandy, where Martin mastered the subtle techniques of keeving, and has been perfecting it ever since. 

Containing no added sugar or water, keeved cider is naturally sweet and has an amber gold colour, with its refreshing, delicate and distinct apple flavour achieved by preventing full fermentation of the natural apple sugars. 

Low nutrient apples are milled into a pulp and left to oxidise for 24-hours, a method known as maceration, which results in the release of naturally occurring pectin. 

A dense pectin gel forms on the surface of the juice soon after and this is then discarded. Essential nutrients are removed in this separation process and the wild yeast fermentation gradually dies out, leaving residual apple sugars to sweeten the cider as it matures slowly for six months before bottling.


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Ford Farm Cheddar With Mustard 200g

Ford Farm Cheddar With Mustard 200g

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