Sharpham Elmhirst Cheese

Sharpham Elmhirst Cheese

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This Jersey milk cheese is triple cream (full fat with added cream) and is not dissimilar to Vignotte, Chaource or Brillat Savarin. The flavours are earthy and nutty with a rich buttery finish.


More about Elmhirst Cheese ... Made on the Sharpham Estate near Totnes, Devon, overlooking the River Dart, where quality English wines are also made on the same estate. 

The process ... Double cream is added to jersey cow milk. The curd is only cut once then hand ladled and left to free drain in the moulds before turning. The cheeses are brined and turned daily for five days and then wrapped at ten days old. 

The young Elmhirst is a completely different product to the mature cheese. So you can fill two gaps on the cheeseboard with one cheese. When fully ripe it can be quite a dramatic experience which will require a spoon! A great cheeseboard cheese, one of only two triple cream cheeses made in the UK.

Product Origin; Totnes, Devon 

Packaging; Plastic Overwrap

Care Details; Keep chilled 

Dimensions Guide; 16cm Ø x 5cm

Best Before; Whole Cheese; 12 days; Cut Cheese; 5 days

Wine Match; A Sharpam Wine!

Enjoy with; Our Cheese partners here 
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