How to look after Cheese ...

The ideal storage for your cheese is a larder, or ventilated basement. However, few of us find these in our homes, and most of us must make do with a domestic fridge, which tends to dry and over chill our cheese. Cheese, like red wine, prefers cool, slightly moist conditions when stored, and refrigeration wrings the life out of even the most robust Cheese.

Keep cut cheeses in the waxed paper our Cheese arrives in, or if you have discarded this, use Greaseproof or foil. Do not, by choice use cling film, as it will tend to sweat.

Remember to bring Cheeses to room temperature at least 1 hour before serving. Do avoid bringing Cheeses in and out of the Fridge; simply remove what you will need for the meal, returning any remaining Cheeses, wrapped in our Wax paper, or foil to the fridge.

Do trim Cheeses to remove mould; remember Cheese and Mould are natural partners, and given half a chance, all Cheese will grow a coat!

Baby Stiltons, and Cheddar Truckles once cut, can be kept and served in a damp cloth, wrapped around the base, and stored by bringing the cloth over the top protecting the cut surface of the Cheese.

For cutting your Cheese Truckles, click here.

Can I freeze my Cheese?

We don't recommend freezing Cheese, as most cheeses will degrade to a greater or lesser extent, with flavour and texture loss. However, many customers still do! Sometimes, when you have more Cheese than you can reasonably use, its the only option. If you do, we suggest you prepare it into useful serving sizes, and ensure it is well wrapped. Make sure it is labelled, dated and we would recommend using it within 3 months of freezing.