How to have a Cheese and Wine Party

Having a Cheese and Wine Party? Want some spectacular Cheeses to finnish? Or perhaps you`re having Cheese to finnish a celebration meal? Then a Cheese and Wine Shop selection is the idela solution. Below are a few pointers for you to consider before purchase.

How much Cheese do i need.....

Thats a good question! This depends on many factors... chiefly, what role is the Cheese playing? Is it as part of a 5 course dinner party, or perhaps you need Cheese for a feature Cheese and Wine evening, or maybe its a Ploughmans for 30 people. The range, and the quantitys required will be quite different for these events. 

However as a guide, work on 4oz, or 120g per portion as a total Cheese value. So, 500g of Cheese will comfortably provide Cheese for 4-5 people as an After Dinner Selection.

Thats a good start point, and assuming most of your guests will sample your Cheese selection, should ensure there is little left over!