Artland Glassware (7)
Artland are on the eastern side of the States in New Jersey & have the most amazing ranges, designs & access to mouth blown glass. Artland’s designs vary hugely from range to range, both in shape & colour of the glasses, from heavy based bubble glasses to elegant & slender, & unique designs & shapes to fun gift boxed sets! Artland also supply us with Simplicity, a range of hugely practical gift boxed, clear glass serving pieces.

Bia Cordon Bleau

Bia Cordon Bleau (39)
Established in 1952, B.I.A. Cordon Bleu is a leading manufacturer of porcelain and stoneware serving accessories, bakeware and dinnerware. With classic and contemporary shapes, as well as unique glazes, hand painted patterns and designs, B.I.A. Cordon Bleu continues the tradition of providing timeless, quality merchandise at affordable prices, which make great gifts.

CKS Kitchenware (1)
CKS kitchenware, or Country Kitchenware supplies to give the correct name design and produce a wide range of kitchen gadgets and goodies, along with a great range of homewares. Click here to see our range.

Claire Mackie

Claire Mackie (6)
The Claire Mackie has been synonymous with fun and quirky designs, often with extraordinary detail and quality for many years. Her products encompass most things for the kitchen and home; from Cheese Bakers to Mugs, Plates to Storage pots, and they all amke great gifts

Collectively Artisan

Collectively Artisan (2)
Collectively Artisan produce a superb range of Terracotta, ALL in vibrant colours and robust, functional designs. 

From tapas bowls to teapots, espresso cups to jugs, each unique piece is lovingly crafted by artisan potters from highest-grade terracotta and fired twice for superb depth of colour and durability. Collectively Artisan`s signature colours are Bright Red, Vermillion Orange, Indian Yellow, Cinnabar Lime and Cobalt Green. 

New Seasons colours are Whitest White, Metallic Black and Turquoise. All of Collectively Artisan products are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Creative Tops Gourmet Cheese

Creative Tops Gourmet Cheese (2)

Creative Tops collection of products is ideal for the cheese lover, featuring beautiful vintage style cheese label designs.

From Cheese Bakers, also known as Camembert or Brie Bakers, along with serving boards, plates and knives, all are great value and make lovely gifts.

DRH Collection

DRH Collection (48)
The DRH Collection supply high quality Tableware, Bakeware, Glassware, Party Tableware, Colored Glassware; in fact everything you need for stylish table, kitchen and bakeware. Range includes leading brands such as Bia, Cordon Bleu, Artland and designs from leading artists Claire Mackie.

Jason Products

Jason Products (9)
Offering superior dining accessories and table protection solutions, The Cheese and Wine Shop is proud to presentJason Products, offering innovative, beautiful and practical products to enhance your dining style.


Just Slate

Just Slate (17)
Just Slate produce an award winning range of stylish table and kitchen goods suitable for entertaining, and all of which make great gifts. 

From Cheeseboards to Butter dishes, along with Cake plates and platters, all in contemporary design, and beautifully presented.

Kilo Simply Kitchen

Kilo Simply Kitchen (1)

The Kilo simply kitchen range is a stylish, fun range to make baking and cooking even more enjoyable. From Cheese Knives and Butters Spreaders, through to Kitchen, Baking, Pastry tools, you`re sure to find something across this vast range to enhance your kitchen; great gifts!


Legnoart (2)

Legnoart is based in Omegna, a small city in the north-western part of Italy on  the shores of the beautiful Orta lake. Founded in 1946, Legnoart is one of the most prominent Italian companies in the field of ‘designed’ objects for the house, the kitchen and the wine cellar. See The Cheese and Wine Shop range here.

Sagaform (36)

Sagaform, offers functional and stylish designer led products for all tastes. Always innovative in design, innovation and function, Sagaform produce great gifts. Ideal gifts for the passionate Chef, and stylish additions for any dining room or Bar.

Sagaform Christmas 2015

Sagaform Christmas 2015 (21)

Sagaforms Christmas range is extensive, with something for all budgets and tastes. Choose from exquisite Glassware, Mulled Wine Jugs and glasses, or perhaps Sagaforms kitchen storage pots are what's needed to complete your kitchen makeover. For Cooks, there is stylish oven to tableware, along with a great selection of Cheese gifts.

Sagaforms products are styled by Swedens leading designers, with a motto of "giving away what you would like to own yourself" - so look around among our products, enjoy and be inspired by all of Sagaforms gifts and gift solutions.

Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport...

Stylish table and kitchen ware from Sophie Allport. Range includes fine bone china, kitchen textiles, oilcloth and stationery inspired by a love of nature and the countryside.

TG Woodware

TG Woodware (17)

TG Woodware produce a wide range of products, ideal for the kitchen, table and home, all of which make great gifts. From Peppermils to teapots, kitchen utensils and Cheeseboards!

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Zeal Kitchenware

Zeal Kitchenware (2)
Zeal silicone does not and it also stands up to high temperatures of food contact [up to 575 F/ 300ºC]. All the stainless steel Zeal uses which comes into contact with food is 18/8 Stainless. Zeal’s attitude towards the quality of materials is why the products look so good and the silicone almost has a metallic sheen to it while cheap silicones are matt in appearance and often dull in colour

Zeal products are also supported by a 10 year guarantee and are always produced to meet their own exacting standards.