Dessert Wines

Dessert Wines (43)
Celebrating? Entertaining, or Choose a special wine to accompany your Dessert; these tend to have a higher alcoholic content of around 14% to 20%.

Looking to match a dessert with a wine? Choose one of our dessert wines that will make your desserts memorable.

Dessert wines are ideally enjoyed in small glasses and treasured like a glass of Scotch. From floral and delicate to honeyed and luscious, there's a new favourite waiting to be discovered, and they make a a fantastic finale to your dinner party!

View our range of dessert wines that highlight the many styles these sweet treats can take.

Lively Fruity Red Wines

Lively Fruity Red Wines (1)

View our selection of light, refreshing and easy drinking Red Wines here

Medium, easy drinking Wines

Medium, easy drinking Wines (4)

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Powerful, Full Bodied Reds

Powerful, Full Bodied Reds (12)

See our selection of full bodied Red wines here. Full-bodied red wines are characterized by their mouth-coating density. So what are the biggest full-bodied red wines out there? Think Coyam, think Mourvedre, Shiraz along with the Chateau Neuf Du Pape`s and Amarones of this world.

Full-bodied red wines are characterized by their mouth-coating density. So what are the biggest full-bodied red wines out there? Look  at a wine’s color and you’ll notice darker wines tend to be bolder. This is because a large portion of the flavor comes from the skins of the grapes. As you may already know, some grapes have thicker skins than others. 

Besides the skins and a high skin-to-berry ratio, there’s also pips. Wine grapes are seedy. Ever drink a bottle of Barolo and feel it dry out your mouth? Grape seeds (pips) are loaded with tannin which is commonly referred to as structure. The pips in Nebbiolo grapes, which make Barolo, are very high in tannin. You can feel the tannin from pips towards the front of your mouth (whereas oak tannin is farther back on your palate).

Alcohol level is another factor that adds to the viscosity of a wine. A wine higher in alcohol will feel weightier than a wine with lower alcohol. You can physically see the impression of alcohol level as you swirl wine in a glass. A wine with higher alcohol will have more viscous wine tears. Wines with 14%+ ABV feel richer.

Spicy Red Wines

Spicy Red Wines (2)

View our selection of "Spicy" Red wines here. Think Rhone, Mourvedre from Spain, and Carmenere from Chile amongst others. Please click here to view