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All Wines...
Our complete list of all Wines for any occasion, and any budget. Choose from world class Sauvignon Blancs, to our great value House Wines.

Chilean Wines

Chilean Wines (5)
Chile has produced wine commercially for over a century, and continues to provide superb value wines. Looking for a quality wine? Chile has that box ticked as well! 

If you dont see what you need, please do call us, as here at The Cheese and Wine Shop we have a lot more than are listed on our site; its just that they haven`t made it over to the web site yet!

English Wines

English Wines (5)
Buy English Wines here, from fruit wines thru to superb Champagne style.

French Wine; Complete List

French Wine; Complete List (46)
See our complete list of French Wines, from great value table wines starting at 3.65 right thru to quality Bordeaux and New World examples

Lyme Bay Winery

Lyme Bay Winery...
Lyme Bay Winery produces superb Country Fruit Wines, Liquers, Ciders, Sparkling Wines and Mulled Wine. Click here to view in more detail.

No Added Sulphur Wines

No Added Sulphur Wines (2)
Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop, we have Wines for any occasion, and any budget. Supplying Wines to Wellington, Taunton, the South West and nationally, we are seeing an increasing number of people seeking out wines with no added Sulphur. Why? Click here to view in more detail.

Organic Red Wines (9)

Organic White Wines (1)

Red Wines

Red Wines...

Red Wines for all budgets and tastes, from New Zealand to Lebanon, and from Bordeaux to Barolo, you'll find the perfect bottle here!


Roses (2)

Roses from all corners of the World, for all budgets and tastes! Roses are becoming increasingly popular, and are brilliant for Lunchs, BBQs and celebrating.

Vin De Pay (2)

White Wines

White Wines...
White Wines to satisfy all tastes and budgets; choose from our wide selection for next day delivery.

Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories (20)
Corkscrews, foil cutters, Vacuvin wine preservation products and ofter toys for enjoying wine, spirits, champagnes and the like.

Wine by Bottle Size

Wine by Bottle Size...

View your selection by bottle sizes here; choose from Minis, you know, the ones you get on Aircraft, all the way through to Magnums!

Wine by Country

Wine by Country...
See our wide range of wines by country

Wine by Style

Wine by Style...

Click here to view wines by styles, from Spicy to Appley, or Plummy to Light Reds!

Wine Gifts

Wine Gifts (35)
Cognac warmers, Wine thermometers and gifts to keep the wine fan happy, theres something here for all budgets!.