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All Drinks (461)
View all our Aperitifs, Beers, Ciders, Champagnes, Wines and Drinks, including Non-Alcoholic, Cordials and the like.... its quite a list!


Aperitif (6)
An aperitif, apéritif as its known in France, or aperitivo when yooure in Italy is an alcoholic drink usually enjoyed as an appetizer before a meal. It is often served with something small to eat, like olives or crackers, chips or salted nuts.


Champagnes (42)
Choose your Champagnes here at The Cheese and Wine Shop. Champagne, is officially, a sparkling wine that is produced in the Champagne region of France. No other sparkling wine can be classed as Champagne unless the grape is sourced from this region. Only 3 grape varieties are grown in Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier. Champagnes made exclusively from Chardonnay are called “Blanc de Blancs”, those made exclusively from Pinots are called “Blanc de Noirs”.Champagne is the perfect gift, and is perfect for any celebration. From house warming to a romantic gift for a loved one. Choose from Moet Chandon, Bollinger, Laurent Perrier, Paul Langier, Veuve Cliqueot and many others. We deliver champagne gift wrapped with your personal message on a gift card. Great corporate gifts!

Cider & Cider Brandy (39)

Somerset is the home of Cider, and Somerset Cider Brandy. and we have a good selection for you to choose from. Ciders and Cider Bransy are great partners to our West Country Cheeses.

Choose from Somerset Cider Brandy Company, Piltons, Sheppys and Lyme Bay, amoumngst others, and single variety Ciders through to Blends and Champagne style for celebrating in stle!

Cocktail gear

Cocktail gear (22)
everything you need to make Cocktails is in here.

Coffee & Tea Accessories

Coffee & Tea Accessories (4)
Shop for Coffee, Tea Accessories and other items from the Coffee and Tea department at The Cheese and Wine Shop. Chose from Cafetieres, Teapots and Tea Trays, to Teabag trays!

Check out our unique gift ideas, we offer gift packs for tea and coffee lovers and they're perfect as a Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift, Mother's Day Gift, Father's Day Gift, Anniversary Gift, Valentine's Gift, and just to say "Thank You!"

Coffees - All

Coffees - All...
Single variety, Fair Trade, Expresso, and Coffee blends optimised for the West Country are all here!

English Wines...
See our selection of English wines here, including sparkling and fruit wines and liqueurs. 

Fortified Wines

Fortified Wines...

The Cheese and Wine Shop has an eclectic mix Of Ports, Madeiras and Masalas, along with a broad range of Sherries; Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Olrosso/Cream as well as the stunning sweet and delicious Pedro Ximanez Viejo Napoleon. These make great Gifts!

Ginger, Fruit & Tonic Wines

Ginger, Fruit & Tonic Wines (14)

Ginger, Fruit and Tonic Wines are classics, and can be enjoyed on their own, used as a mixer, and many can even be used to enhance Ice Creams and Desserts. The Cheese and Wine Shop has a great selection of Fruit and Tonic Wines.

Juices, Smoothies & Waters

Juices, Smoothies & Waters (6)

Heres our range of super fruit smoothies from Innocent, along with a range of great fruit Waters and Juices. 


Liqueurs (42)

Liqueurs for all occassions, here at Cheese and WIne Shop. Order today for delivery tomorrow!.


Mead (6)
Mead, also known as honey wine, is an alcoholic drink produced by fermenting a solution of honey and water. Its very probably the world's oldest drink, referenced in the ancient cultures of China, Greece and Egypt as well as those closer to home

Mead, for many people is a drink wrapped up in myth and legend, and is becoming increasingly popular. In the USA, where consumption is up a huge 42 per cent and its reported that it’s US hispters’ hot new brew. Game of Thrones, the medieval-inspired fantasy TV programmes featuring warring clans, dynasties, dragons and damsels in various states of undress, is thought to be responsible and as Series 5 hit UK screens last month, the future for mead looks rosy.

Teutonic, Nordic and Celtic legends have gods and mortals alike knocking back mead from cow horns, goblets or ceremonial bowls, often bestowing it with magical powers and ritual importance. Cropping up in Arthurian legend, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Tolkein and Harry Potter, mead sits comfortably in the British consciousness as something of a defining national drink from the days of yore.

Read about Mead in more detail here, or choose from our selection below.

Miniture Drinks

Miniture Drinks (15)
Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop we stock an extensive selection of miniatures, from Gin to Whisky, along with Brandy, Cognac and favourite Liqueurs.

Perfect for sampling new drinks, ideal for use in cooking, trialling new cocktails, and stocking up mini-bars or perhaps most fun of all – using as adult stocking fillers, table gifts or with DIY cracker kits at Christmas time!

Miniture Giftsets

Miniture Giftsets (10)
See our selection of Miniture Giftsets. Choose from your favourite Cognac, Ports, Whiskies, and Liqueurs all presented in stylish gift boxes.

These selections are a good introduction to Port, Whisky and Spirits, frequently introducing a selection of complimentary styles, and providing an opportunity to taste exclusive bottlings.

Monin Syrups for Cocktails

Monin Syrups for Cocktails (2)
View our selection of Drink Syrups here; ideal for making Cocktails, Desserts and Barista Coffees! Also available as minitures and giftpacks which make great gifts!

Mulled Wine, Mulled Cider and Gluhwhein

Mulled Wine, Mulled Cider and Gluhwhein (0)
See our selection of Mulled Drinks here; choose from Mulled Wine, Cider and Punchs. Choose some Cheeses to partner your drinks here!

Non Alcoholic Drinks, Juices & Mixers

Non Alcoholic Drinks, Juices & Mixers (21)

Non Alcoholic drinks, including Low Alcohol drinks, Cordials, Mixers and Juices are all here. Brands such as Fentimans, Belvoir, Bottle Green, Eisberg, Coke and more are just a click away!


Sherries (9)
Sherries, increasingly gaining in popularity are well represented here at The Cheese and Wine Shop. From dry Finos to rich Olorossos and Pedro Ximenz, theres something for every meal and taste.

Sparkling Wines & Ciders

Sparkling Wines & Ciders (19)
The Cheese and Wine Shop stocks a great selection of both sparkling Wines and Champagnes.

Our superb range of Sparklers come from all over the globe: Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, Cremant from France, Sparkling Shiraz from Australia, and a great selection of Sparkling wines from Australia and New Zealand. The Cheese and Wine Shop also has Sparkling "Champagne style" Ciders, which are great when you want to give something a little different.



Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop, we have a wide range of Spirits, from Brandy and Armagnacs, through to Gins, Vodkas, Grappas and Eau-di-vies. From Gordons to South and Hendricks Gins, along with boutique Vodkas, and superlative Brandy, Armagnac and Cognacs.


Teabags (10)
Single variety, Fair Trade, and blends optimised for the West Country are all here!


Teas (9)
Single variety, Fair Trade, and Tea blends optimised for the West Country are all here! Oh, and we have got a good selection of Teabags as well!

West Country Beers

West Country Beers (25)

The best of local Beers, and those from further afield; either way, there`s plenty of choice!

West Country Beers - Ales

West Country Beers - Ales (0)

The best of local Ales, ideal partners to our cheeses!

West Country Beers - All

West Country Beers - All (2)

See our full range of West Country Beers here; Ales, that are robust and complex with a variety of fruit and malt aromas, to lighter, easy drinking Lagers. Click here to learn more about Beer Styles.

West Country Beers - Lagers

West Country Beers - Lagers (0)

The best of local Lagers, ideal partners to our cheeses!

Whisky Giftsets

Whisky Giftsets (4)
The Cheese and Wine Shop has a superb range of whiskeys, from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and India! We also have a great selection of Whisky gifts here.


The Cheese and Wine Shop has a superb range of whiskys, from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and India! To learn more about Scotland's Whisky producing regions, click here!


Here at The Cheese and Wine Shop, we have Wines for any occasion, and any budget. Supplying Wines to Wellington, Taunton, the South West and nationally, see our great range below. 

Next day service; why not combine your wine requirements with some of our great Cheeses?

Wooden Presentation Boxes

Wooden Presentation Boxes (5)

Click here to see our selection of Wooden Wine boxes, ideal to present your bottle in added impact!