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All Confectionery (9)
View The Cheese and Wine Shops great range of confectionary from Jelly Belly Gourmet Candies and Jelly Beans to locally made Fudge. We have a great range of Marzipan, along with Turkish Delight and Nougat.

Confectionery Brands...
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Crystalised & Glace Fruits

Crystalised & Glace Fruits (17)
Candied fruit or Glacé fruit, also known as crystallized fruit, has been around since the 14th century. Whole fruit, smaller pieces of fruit, or pieces of peel, are placed in heated sugar syrup thereby absorbing the moisture from within the fruit and eventually preserving it. The Cheese and Wine Shop sells Glace Fruits from Bifar, Franseco Marino, Shepcote and Sultans amoungst others.

Fudge, Licorice & Toffee

Fudge, Licorice & Toffee (17)

Fudge from Mary Anns, Burnt Sugar and Cottage Delight, which means Fudge for all tastes!. From Crumbly tablet style, to a softer, moister creamy style. Licorice from Levin, New Zealand which is hugely popular, and good for you as well!.

Glace Fruits

Glace Fruits (13)

Glace Fruits are cooked then steeped in sugar solutions of increasing strength for days, and sometimes for months. 

See our selection of Glace Fruits from leading brands such as Sugarbird and Biffar, along with The Walnut Tree. 

Great selection of Maron Glace, which are popular gifts year round.

Marron Glace & Chestnuts

Marron Glace & Chestnuts (4)

Marron Glace is a luxurious confection, originating in southern France and northern Italy. Marrons glacés are frequently enjoyed after dinner, and they are also the basis for many desserts. 

Marzipan Items

Marzipan Items (20)

Marzipan in all its guises; Fruits, Liqueurs and Chocolates!

Nougat & Turkish Delight

Nougat & Turkish Delight (41)
Nougat from Montpellier and beyond, to Turkish Delight by the famous Turkish producer, Hazer Baba. We have a superb selection of these speciality items. Great for After Dinner, and especially good as Gifts.


Nuts (4)
Nuts of all types; Brittles along with Sugar Almonds, Dragees and Chocolate coated Almonds and Brazils.


Turron (2)

Turrón is a very old, traditional sweet of Moorish (Arabic) origin, and is available in assorted styles, from soft to hard. Like Nougat, its primarily made from Almonds, Sugar and Egg, and there are many varieties. See our selection of Turron here.