Christmas Delivery dates and Information 2016

Christmas ... is frantically busy, and we recommend ordering early to avoid disappointment. You can order today, and choose a delivery slot in December, or later, that's convenient to you.

Where do we deliver? Click here to view our delivery destinations, including Uk, Europe and limited service to the USA.

If you`re buying Cheeses and perishables, please click here for advice. Available dates will be presented at Checkout. We suggest receiving your goods 2-3 days before you need them. Our LAST delivery dates are ...


last Delivery's on ...

Wednesday 22nd December

Non Perishables

Delivery`s on

Saturday 24th December 

We recommend choosing the AM delivery, and selecting the "substitution ok" to avoid delaying your selection.

Our Last delivery day for Christmas will be Friday 23rd December .... and you MUST choose a before 1.00pm delivery.

We can deliver on Saturday 24th ..... but do NOT recommend a delivery on this date, as if anything does go wrong, and it can be as simple as snow or icy roads, a parcel mis-routed or damaged, then the goods will not reach their destination.

If you need a delivery on this day, you must, again use a before 1.00pm service. Please note; Most delivery's, as in 99.9% are delivered on time. However, things can and do go wrong. If this does happen, and it doesn't arrive, it would then be delivered on Wednesday 28th, so please bear this in mind when making your selection, and only order suitable products. Please refer to "the buying Cheese or perishables" link above. 

Please click here to view our Christmas delivery terms.

Substitutions ... with our extensive selection of products, on occasion we can be short, or waiting for delivery. During the busy Christmas period, we suggest you select the "Substitution allowed" option to avoid delaying your parcel. With seasonal weather conditions, delivery's can be held up, and selecting this option will minimise any delay. Rest assured, any substitution will be at least as nice, and as close to your original selection as possible.

Packaging ...does change, and it may be that the image on the web site is out of step with the product. We WILL send the product, regardless of the packaging change, as long as the weight and contents are the same.

If it is important that the product is exactly as in the image on the web site, please advise this in the order comments. (ie; "Must be same as image on web site") that way, if there's any difference on the packaging or labelling, but product is the same, we wont send it!