Choosing Christmas Deliverys

Please consider the following when ordering ... ...  

Choosing Christmas Cheeses ... if you are choosing "cut cheeses" for Christmas or gifts, we recommend having them delivered 1-2 days before they will be required. Cut cheeses are best enjoyed within 4-5 days from dispatch, so please bear this in mind when ordering. Our Truckles and Waxed Cheeses typically have 6 weeks or longer as date; please check the product information when ordering

DON`T order cut cheese for delivery on 12th December; they wont make it for Christmas!

Please select the delivery option that meets your requirements*. We would ask that you allow an extra day or two to factor in any adverse weather or delivery issues that can happen due to the weather, and the Christmas rush. 

If your parcel is urgent, or contains chilled items, we recommend using the next day Am service.

*We will do our utmost to ensure your parcel gets to you or your reciprients on time, but we would ask for your understanding if its delayed, as we, and the courier companys are under enormous pressure at this time of year. We recommend allowing an extra day or two, so order it to arrive with time to spare.

Cheese Truckles and Whole Cheeses ... If your selection contains Cheese truckles or individual Cheeses, then they can be delivered anytime in December, as they will have at a minimum, 3 weeks date when you receive them. 

Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle 600gFord Farm Truckles make great gifts, and can be dispatched any time in December!

Snow makes getting Parcels to you slower... so please allow extra time, just in case its delayed. PLEASE BE PROACTIVE; if your parcel hasn't arrived by 2.00pm on the day you're expecting it, please track it using the consignment number sent to you when the parcel was dispatched. If you have this, you can also track it online here.

Also, please allow us to make any substitutions, as this wont delay your order. If you DONT WANT us to substitue for any non available products, please tell us under the order comments. Equally, if there is a product that you simply MUST HAVE, please tell us so we know.

Port & Stilton Gift Box in WoodPort and Stilton Giftbox makes a great gift