Charbonnel Walker Loose Chocolate Assortments

Charbonnel Walker Loose Chocolate Assortments (1)

Selected from our loose Charbonnel Walker selection, these boxes of finest Charbonnel Walker selections make great gifts.

Charbonnel Walker Loose Chocolates

Charbonnel Walker Loose Chocolates (0)
Choose your favorite Charbonnel Chocolates from our loose selection. Milk, White and Dark Truffles all presented in Charbonnels stylish boxes.

Chocolate Assortments (1)

See our selection of Chocolate Assortments here. These boxes contain a selection of Chocolates and make ideal gifts.

Loose Bitter Chocolates

Loose Bitter Chocolates (16)

Finest Chocolates using Bitter Chocolates. Dark chocolate bars are the purest form of chocolate and have been medically tested to have proven health benefits, when taken in moderation. 

Our dark chocolates range from 56% up to 75% and include the best of fine blends, flavoured and single origin chocolates. 

Loose Blended Chocolates

Loose Blended Chocolates (1)

Blended Chocolates are those made using say a Bitter Chocolate Shell, with a White Chocolate Ganache. They are often superb examples, combining bitter dark chocolate, with say, the rich flavours of Milk Chocolate.

Loose Milk Chocolates (17)

Finest Chocolates using Milk Chocolate to produce fine Truffles and Pralines.

Loose White Chocolates

Loose White Chocolates (14)

Finest Chocolates prepared with predominately White Chocolate.

Mixed Chocolates (5)

Choose from Van Coillie, Deskalides, Chocolate Alchemist Caluwe and Somersets James Chocolates. This range is based on a Milk, White or Bitter Chocolate, with a contrast chocolate to complement both as a taste, and visually.

Van Coillie Loose Chocolates

Van Coillie Loose Chocolates (20)
Finest Loose Chocolates from Van Coillie of Belgium. Choose from stylish Chocolate Macaroons, "jewel" like fruit studded Florentines and finest Belguin Fondants, Pralines and Truffles. 

Please click here to learn about Van Coillie Belguim Chocolates