All Chocolates

All Chocolates (354)

The Cheese and Wine Shop sells a great range of Chocolates. From Bars, Novelties, Boxes and leading brands such as Bendicks, Lindt, Gudrun, Duc D`uo, Hachez, and Cafe Tasse. Also, our local heros, Brownes and James, along with our own label selection produced especially for us. See our key brands here.

Great range of No Added Sugar Chocolates also available. Read all about Chocolate, and its history here.

Charbonnel Walker Loose Selection

Charbonnel Walker Loose Selection (0)
Choose your favorites, packed in bespoke ballotins. From Classics like Champagne in Charbonnels finest Dark or Milk Chocolate, to more contempoary flavours such as Sea Salt, or Appletons Jamacan Rum. Or why not choose a mixed box?

Childrens Chocolates

Childrens Chocolates (2)
The Cheese and Wine Shop has a superb range of Choclolates suitable for Children of all ages! Choose from our delicious chocolate novelties, which are a great treat for kids of all ages. Select from the finest Belgian, Swiss and Dutch chocolatiers, alongside our local heroes from Beeches, James and The House of Dorchestor!

Chocolate Animals

Chocolate Animals (17)

See our selection of chocolate Animals and noveltys here!

Chocolate Assortments

Chocolate Assortments (97)

Buy Chocolate Assortments at The Cheese and Wine Shop and choose from our superb range. We have Chocolates from west Country Chocolate specialists, Brownes, James and The House of Dorchestor. If you are looking for the best Belgian Chocolates, then we have Van Collie and great value Assortments from Gudrun, Duc D`uo and Van Roy.

Chocolate Bars & Slabs (40)

Chocolate by Type...
Choose your favorite Chocolates by type; choose from Dark (Bitter) Milk, White or mixed.

Chocolate Cups

Chocolate Cups (8)
See our selection of Chocolate cups here; they are ideal for filling with Mousses, Fruits and Fruit Salads, and of course Ice Cream and Sorbets.

Chocolate Fruit & Nuts (9)

Luscious Chocolate coated Fruit, Nuts, Mendiants, Florentines are all here. See our selecion here. 

Chocolate Novelties

Chocolate Novelties (59)

Hand made Chocolate Angels, Chocloate figures and Noveltys from Belgium, and closer to home!. Succulent Fruits and Nuts dipped in finest Belgian Chocolate, along with After Dinner treats!

Chocolates by Brand

Chocolates by Brand...

See The Cheese and Wine Shops wide choice of chocolates, from Bendicks to Holdsworth, Cafe Tasse to Charbonnel et Walker, Anthon Berg to our local suppliers, James. The Cheese and Wine Shop has a superb selection of Chocolates for all occassions and Budgets, and they are available for next day delivery! See some of our brands here.

Chocolates by origin

Chocolates by origin...
See our range of Chocolates from Europes leading Chocolatiers. Choose from England, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy.

Choose your own Chocolates

Choose your own Chocolates...

Choose from our Chocolate Cabinet, which includes selections from Belguim, France and Germany. Choose from Van Coillie, Deskalides, Chocolate Alchemist, Caluwe and Somersets James Chocolates.


Fondants (11)
Chocolate Fondants, from Violet and Rose, to Mint, Strawberry and Orange, see our range of Fondants, and Chocolate coated Fondants here. Choose from our famous brands; Bendicks, Chocolart, Beechs, Brownes, Charbonnel-et-Walker amongst others.

Liqueur Chocolates

Liqueur Chocolates (51)
Liqueur Chocolates are popular at The Cheese and Wine Shop throughout the year, so they aren't just for Christmas! From Belgiums finest producers, Abtey, Gudrun and Duc d`O, along with Anthon Berg from Denmark, Asbach and Mon Cheri, we have a great selection available for next day delivery.

Sugar Free Chocolates

Sugar Free Chocolates (6)

Buy Sugar Free and No added Sugar Chocolates from The Cheese and Wine Shop. Our selection of Sugar Free and No Added Sugar Chocolates meets the highest quality in premium chocolate, from brand leaders. We have a wide choice, including gift boxes.


Truffles (37)
Popular Truffles from Gudrun and Duc D`O from Belgium to more celebrated brands such as Charbonnel et Walker, and of course our local specialists, Brownes of Devon and James Chocolates from Somerset. So you see, weve got a great selection here at Cheese and Wine, the hard bit is deciding what to choose!.