Cheeses to enjoy in September ...

Below are Cheeses that are especially good in September, to enjoy as a memory of summer, as we head into the cooler Autumn.

Sharpham Devon Rustic With Chives And Garlic

Devon Rustic is a semi-hard cheese which matures for approximately 6-8 weeks, giving a youthful cheese with a moist, creamy texture. A thin natural rind forms during the maturation process. Click here to learn more and to order

NeufchatelÖ itís the perfect gift for a cheese loving loved one! It has a pure, creamy luxurious taste, and is similar to that of Camembert. View more details here!

Neufchatel 200g Heart

Devon Blue Devon Blue has been described as having spicy, flinty and earthy aromas. Its also satisfingly rich and full of flavour. The tangy blue veins gently meander through the crumbly cheese which is fabulous in salads or with thin slices of our breads. Clcik here to learn more about Devon Blue.
Wigmore is melting around the edges, and the pate is sweet and nutty making it a velvety, rich, mellow tasting cheese. Buy Wigmore here! Baby Wigmore Cheese 450g

Caws Golden Cenarth Washed Rind 225g


Golden Cenarth is Supreme Champion at this yearís British cheese Awards, along with Best Semi Soft cheese and Best Welsh Cheese. Click here to read more!

Fig & Almond Slice Ö Spanish figs and almonds, pressed with the addition of a little anise and cinnamon to create a delicious and healthy treat, fantastic with cheese.


Cuna di Higo Figs with Almond 250g Wedge

 Why not add some of our great Cheese biscuits? Click here!

Fine English English Water Biscuits 100g

Fine Biscuits to enjoy with your cheese!