Cheeses to enjoy in February ...

 Februarys Cheeses to enjoy ......


Vacherin Mont D`Or 500g

Vacheron Mont d`or ... is made from the rich, unpasteurised milk of alpine pastures. Whats it taste like? Vacherin Mont d'Or has a melting, voluptuous texture, with hints of pine forrests. When ripe, Vacheron can be eaten with a spoon, revealing a pale yellow cheese underneath its crust. Although it is gooey and creamy, its rich creaminess is enhanced by woody notes coming from the spruce bark that embraces the cheese inside the box. Click here to buy Vacheron; its great to share with a friend! (Don`t forget to order some of our crusty breads here!)

NeufchatelÖ itís the perfect gift for a cheese loving loved one! It has a pure, creamy luxurious taste, and is similar to that of Camembert. View more details here!


Neufchatel 200g Heart

Devon Blue

Devon Blue has been described as having spicy, flinty and earthy aromas. Its also satisfingly rich and full of flavour. The tangy blue veins gently meander through the crumbly cheese which is fabulous in salads or with thin slices of our breads. Click here to learn more about Devon Blue. Oh, and Devon Blue just won Best English Cheese at the Cheese awards!

Why not spoil your loved one with a Cheese Heart? Godminsters lovely Cheddar has a lovely edge to it; its buttery, rich and satisfying. Read more about Godminster here!

Godminster Vintage Cheddar Heart 200g

Caws Golden Cenarth Washed Rind 225g

Golden Cenarth is Supreme Champion at this yearís British cheese Awards, along with Best Semi Soft cheese and Best Welsh Cheese. Click here to read more!

Membrello Ö or Quince as its more widely known here, is a great partner for hard cheeses, but especially Manchego. Great gifts for the Cheese fan!


Dulzoren Membrello Quince Paste 210g

Boska Tete De Moine Girolle Curler

Read about Tete de Moine here.

Classic Crackers ... for Artisinal Cheeses. Or, choose from our extensive selection of Biscuits for Cheese to make a great gift. Oh, and dont forget the Port. Choose from our wide selection here! Fine Cheese Company Classic Crackers For Artisan Cheeses

 Why not add some of our great Cheese biscuits? Click here!

Fine English English Water Biscuits 100g

Fine Biscuits to enjoy with your cheese!