Colston Bassett Blue Stilton

Colston Bassett Blue Stilton (0)
Colston Bassett Dairy celebrated 2013 with its centenary year, and continues to produce Stilton and also our award-winning Shropshire Blue cheese. Both cheeses are created using the recipe handed down by generations. The Cheese and Wine Shop has a great selection of Colston Bassett Blue Stilton, click here to view

Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Cropwell Bishop Stilton (35)
Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton is a family run creamery in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, in Nottingham, and have been making delicious Stilton for more than three generations.
Using traditional methods passed down by their grandfather, Cropwell Bishop continues to produce award-winning Stilton of the very finest quality. Buy Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton here!

Long Clawson Stilton

Long Clawson Stilton (20)
Although best known for Blue Stilton, Long Clawson also produce a number of other delicious English cheeses and cheese products, such as Blue Shropshire, Claxstone Smooth Blue, Aged Leicestershire Red and a range of sweet & savoury cheese blends. They are of course most famous for Blue Stilton, which is available in Truckles, Baby Truckles and gift jars, all of which make great gifts!