Baby Blue Stilton Truckles

Baby Blue Stilton Truckles (21)
Best Stilton from Cropwell Bishop, Colston Bassett and Long Clawson, and if a whole baby truckle is too much, they are also available in halves! Read more about Blue Stilton here.

Cheddar Truckles

Cheddar Truckles (65)
Cheddar is part of the Somerset image; that and Cider! Well we have both in abundance! From the smooth creamy and Organic, to biting sharp and acidic, just perfect for a ploughmans. Cheese and Wine Shop has the big cheese names, Montgomery, Keens and Quickes. Then theres QuickesGodminster and Greens.... Truckles big and small we have them all! 

Buy Cheddar Cheese and Truckles at The Cheese and Wine Shop for next day delivery. We also have great Cheddar selections available. (Currently awaiting updates; please call or email for information)

Cheese Truckles

Cheese Truckles (10)
Whole Cheese Truckles certainly make an impression .... here at The Cheese and Wine Shop choose from a smooth Blue Stilton Truckle, or a sharp, tangy Cheddar, along with Wenslydales among many others.

Cheese Truckles by Producers

Cheese Truckles by Producers (2)

View Cheese Truckle producers here

Cheese Truckles in Half Cheeses

Cheese Truckles in Half Cheeses (13)

Half truckles are great for entertaining, and they also make a statement at the table! Click here to view our selection

Ford Farm Cheddar Truckles

Ford Farm Cheddar Truckles (20)
See our selection of Ford Farm Cheddar here, ideal gifts for Christmas! Choose from smaller individual truckles, as small as 400g upto the bigger 1.7kg Truckles which are very popular for the festive period

Quickes Cheddar Cheese

Quickes Cheddar Cheese (12)
Quickes make award-winning traditional cheeses using milk from their dairy herd. Every truckle is handmade by one of nine skilled cheese makers before being wrapped in muslin and carefully matured for anything up to 24 months. The Quicke family have been farming at Home Farm, near the village of Newton St. Cyres in the South West of England, for over 450 years.

Waxed Cheese Truckles

Waxed Cheese Truckles (52)

Assorted Wax Truckles from 114g upto 2kg and over! Ideal for travelling, as Gifts, and for Hampers.