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Soft and Semi Soft Cheeses

Soft Cheeses, ideal for spreading on our Crackers or crusty breads. Must have on a cheeseboard; see below for our extensive selection.

Soft Cheese occupy the blurry realm between fresh and affine, or cured cheese. It is always consumed within a month or two of production. Soft cheese is soft because it still retains a high percentage of water in the paste. As a cheese ages, it loses its moisture to evaporation - the angel's share - and slowly hardens. 

Cheesemakers employ other methods to attain a desirable soft texture. Many soft cheeses like Brie, Camembert, and Triple-Creams are mold-ripened. Mold-ripening refers to the inoculation of milk or the spraying of cheese rind with particular strains of fungus, which break down the paste of the cheese, softening it. These are the microorganisms that are responsible for the deliciously oozy texture of ripe Brie. Bloomy rind cheeses are inseminated with yeast which develops a light fur cover of mold during their affinage. We are pleased to offer a fine selection of soft, bloomy rind cheeses.

English Cheeses

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