All Cheese Gifts & Accessories

All Cheese Gifts & Accessories (83)
The Cheese and Wine Shop is a specialist supplier of cheese hampers, gifts, wedding cakes and cheese knife board sets. See our Cheese gifts and Cheesecare items for all occassions.

Brie Bakers

Brie Bakers (14)

View our wide range of Brie and Cheese bakers here! Oh, and we have matching presentation plates as well!

Bries & Camemberts for Brie Bakers

Bries & Camemberts for Brie Bakers (3)
See our range of Camemberts and Bries ideally designed for our stylish Brie Bakers.

Buy Cheese Plates

Buy Cheese Plates (14)
You may have some of our great Cheese, on one of our great cheese boards and you have even got our Cheese labels

Why not make your cheese course even more memorable? Present your cheeses on these stylish plates, designed to add style and interest to the cheese course!  

Choose from our wide selection, from Claire Mackie`s fabulous designs, or the vintage style from Bia, we have Cheese plates, platters and boards for all tastes, interiors and budgets.

Cheese Boards & Platters

Cheese Boards & Platters (34)
Great Cheese deserves to be presented with style! Theres a wealth of choice, from Slate to Olive Wood and Granite, to Glass and Ceramic, theres something for all tastes, occassions and budgets.

Cheese Gifts

Cheese Gifts (25)

The Cheese and Wine Shop has a great selection of inspirational Cheese gifts, along with everything to go with Cheese, all for you to buy online with next day delivery. 

From our range of Cheeseboards, Plates & Platters, to stylish Cheese condiments and knives, not to mention our ever popular Cheese labelsThen there is our Parmesan serving dishes, and our .... you get the message!

Cheese Knives and Tools

Cheese Knives and Tools (20)
See our selection of Cheese Knives and Cutters here. From established brands such as Legonart, to modern style icons like Culinary Concepts, choose your favourite here. 

Why not choose a presentation plate and Cheese knife, as we have wonderful Cheese platters with knives, and these make wonderful gifts, click here to view.

From single Cheese knives to sets, theres a great selection here!

Cheese Labels

Cheese Labels (3)

Our Cheese Labels look great, and help you and your Guests identify your Cheeses. A range of styles and budgets. They are not just for Cheese; useful for Cakes, Dips and the like.